PDO Thread Lift Now Available At New Medical Spa

Glen Allen, Virginia based New Medical Spa is delighted to announce that they offer a PDO Thread Lift service. This service has been available at New Medical Spa for several years, and their team has only grown more proficient over time. Today, they invite their community to take advantage of their PDO Thread Lift service and tighten up their features with virtually no down time.

One of the biggest advantages of the PDO Thread Lift procedure is that it is quite non-invasive in nature, allowing patients to target sagging skin or deep lines and folds that they find unsatisfactory without having to endure more intensive surgical procedures. PDO Thread Lifts are quite literally skin deep, according to the beauty clinic, but they remain one of the most innovative and effective ways to lift tissues, even without the use of fillers. Furthermore, the clinic points out that many patients will not want to consider surgery till later in their lives, but certain changes in their body may still warrant a slight correction. PDO Thread Lifts are well suited to this purpose.

New Medical Spa PDO Thread Lift Before and After

According to Dr. Teresa Camden of New Medical Spa, the treatment works primarily by inducing collagen production at the sites in question. Over the course of a session, a series of fine yet absorbable polydioxanone threads are implanted in the subcutaneous layer of the skin in the affected area. This is achieved using small needles. Notably, these threads are similar to those used in medical suturing. However, while they can be absorbed by the body over time and leave no direct trace, their purpose here is to cause micro-injuries under the skin’s surface that stimulate collagen production and tissue contraction. This process takes around six months to complete, but every thread will have been absorbed into the body by this time. In their place, Dr. Camden states, will be a new repository of collagen.

The treatment is also not known for causing much pain, requiring only a local anaesthetic to mask any discomfort a patient may feel during their 10-30 minute session. The length of an appointment depends largely on the treatment area. Patients will also be pleased to learn that the most they may have to endure in terms of side effects are swelling and bruising that last between 2-3 days. However, Dr. Camden reassures patients that they will most likely be able to carry on with their regular schedule immediately following their appointment. PDO Thread Lift treatments can be used on the cheeks, brow, jawline, neck, arms, thighs and more. While collagen production may end around the 6-month mark, this is also where the effect is at its peak — and it can last between 2-3 years. Learn more through the clinic’s GMB posts.

Notably, this procedure does not produce effects as quickly or as permanently as other options. However, patients will notice their features improve over time as collagen is produced naturally in their skin, with lines and wrinkles gradually smoothing out. Furthermore, given that this treatment is not as aggressive as some alternatives, it can be an excellent way for new patients to explore what the clinic has to offer.

Reviews from other patients can help illustrate this as well. A 5-Star Google review from Jennifer Dzierzawski states, “Dr. Camden and her staff are incredibly amazing. Dr. Camden is very professional with a wonderful personality. I could not be more pleased with the services I have received. Dr. Camden makes you feel special and really boosts your confidence. There is nothing more beautiful than a woman with the glow of confidence, and I thank her for that. I highly recommend Dr. Camden for your beauty needs, whether it’s injectables or laser treatments to the other services offered. You can’t go wrong with New Medical Spa."


New Medical Spa is committed to giving patients access to every possible amenity they need to maintain their ideal appearance as well as feel their best at all times. More information regarding the numerous services they provide in pursuit of this goal can be found on their official website, and patients are always welcome to discuss their needs with Dr. Teresa Camden. The clinic currently standing by to make new appointments, and interested parties are welcome to connect with the team through their Facebook page.


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