Patients Receive Unique Dental Experience At Tabor Dental Associates

Hendersonville, TN based Tabor Dental Associates (TDA) is pleased to share that they have succeeded in creating a unique and unparalleled dental experience at their clinic. Patients are welcome to schedule an appointment at their earliest convenience and stop by for a visit with the dentist that will make them eager to come back for more. As the clinic proudly explains, their goal is to deliver a unique combination of art, science and trust. Learn more here:

The team at Tabor Dental Associates believes that the patient always comes first, and this perspective is shared by many practices across the state. What sets this clinic apart, however, is the fact that they have taken many more angles into consideration when developing their overall patient experience. Many may focus on helping patients feel more comfortable when they visit the dentist, such as helping them overcome their fear of such visits and so on. Tabor Dental Associates accomplishes this as well but chooses to go even further, even transforming the practice’s premises itself into a work of art that may encourage visitors to return even if they do not strictly need dental assistance.

The office is painted in cool and calming, yet professional tones. Its furnishings, set in an open and relaxed layout, showcase a timelessly modern aesthetic with an emphasis on comfort. Eagle-eyed patients will undoubtedly notice that each room at the clinic also features an authentic autographed guitar — including one from the great Johnny Cash, who was once a patient himself. Those who stop by the TDA office tend to gain an impression of a place plucked out of time, immune to its currents, and this has the effect of engaging every patient’s interest and fascination like no other clinic in the region.

Tabor Dental Associates also provides a complimentary coffee bar, massage chairs, warm blankets and even headphones that allow patients to listen to their preferred music during their visit. While patients will leave the premises feeling more confident about their smile, they will also be able to enjoy every moment they spend at the dental office.

Patient reviews can attest to this in great detail. The clinic’s Google profile alone is full of praise for the clinic and the services they provide, and it is notable that they retain a full 5-Star score over more than 400 reviews. Vivian K. shares in their review, “Dr. Tabor has been a true blessing in my life. He has listened to all of my concerns and has been very patient with my anxiety of dentists. He's amazing, quick and efficient. The ladies at the front are also very polite, one of his dental assistants always comforts me while I’m there as well! So very impressed. Thank you for all you do, Dr. Tabor. Many blessings.”

This is only part of the clinic’s identity, however. Tabor Dental Associates has spent years earning the trust and respect of their community by providing comprehensive dental care of all kinds, ranging from sedation dentistry and dental implants to cosmetic procedures and routine preventative dentistry. Each patient receives highly personalized care that takes their unique needs into account, and the TDA team makes it a point to share updates and explain each stage of any procedure at every possible juncture. Their goal is to help patients feel taken care of no matter how simple or complex their procedures may be.

A part of their reputation for excellence can also be attributed to the clinic’s determination to utilize only the most advanced techniques and equipment in their work. This enables them to carry out a variety of innovative procedures, such as taking digital impressions, 3D printing, guided surgery for full arch dental implants and more. They can also utilize the latest in healing techniques to reduce a patient’s recovery time, and every treatment they provide can be administered with the highest levels of precision and accuracy. TDA’s dentists complement this by engaging in a staggering number of hours in continuing education, familiarizing themselves with the latest techniques and insight in their field as well as sharpening their skills even further.

Tabor Dental Associates pride in their facilities and capabilities is quite evident on their website, which shares many pictures of the clinic’s interior design as well as information on the various state-of-the-art procedures that are available. The office is always ready to respond to any question or concerns from their community as well, and patients are welcome to get in touch via phone, email and so on if they so wish.


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