Patient Chooses Quality Over Convenience Traveling A Thousand Miles From Maryland To WhiteSands Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Florida

Fort Myers, Florida -

Fort Meyers, Florida - Andie could have chosen a rehab center close to his Baltimore, Maryland, home.

But, tired of the insincere staff members he dealt with at the treatment centers he tried in his hometown, he decided WhiteSands Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Fort Myers, Florida, was worth the 1,000-mile trip.

WhiteSands Alcohol  & Drug Rehab Fort Myers

“I moved all the way here from Baltimore to go to WhiteSands because they truly are the only rehab I’ve been where the staff sincerely wants to help the clients,” he said in a recent 5-star Google review. For Andie, WhiteSands’ commitment to an individualized treatment approach for recovery was an improvement over the generic help he received at other centers.

Andie’s positive experience is the result of WhiteSands’ unique treatment philosophy: When patients are valued as the individuals they are, and their unique challenges and needs are considered, their treatment outcomes improve.

The seriousness of drug and alcohol addiction requires a drug and alcohol program that’s equally as serious. At WhiteSands, the personalized treatment includes partial hospitalization programs (PHP), residential treatment, inpatient, intensive outpatient program (IOP), medical detox, 12-step programs, family therapy, and medication-assisted treatment (MAT) – all aimed at helping every patient make a full recovery and restart sober living.

But getting sober means nothing if a patient can’t stay sober. At WhiteSands, there are also resources and programs designed to help each individual learn how to manage their life, free from addiction.

“I feel like I’ve learned coping skills to stay sober thanks to WhiteSands,” said Andie.

Some of the coping strategies WhiteSands patients learn include meditation and mindfulness, building a sober network/community of individuals, attending 12-step programs, exercising, journaling, and eliminating too much “free time” so they can keep active and not fall back into bad habits due to boredom.

Learning to cope with the inevitable stresses of life ensures patients are more likely to stay sober.

WhiteSands provides strong support in the form of outpatient treatment and aftercare programs. For some, outpatient treatment is the next step after residential treatment. For others, outpatient treatment is an ideal starting point for recovery.

In outpatient rehab, a counselor will arrange weekly sessions with a primary therapist so a helpful relationship can be established. Group meetings, such as Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous, can also be an option and a source of support.

The benefit of such aftercare includes the reinforcement of skills and strategies learned in treatment, outreach, and connection through addiction support groups, help with relapse prevention, teaching patients about lifestyle changes, and keeping track of how patients are doing in their recovery.

Outpatient rehab also provides ongoing structure and support for people learning to re-enter everyday society after addiction treatment. This also allows patients to have a routine and schedule that they can operate by, which inherently builds accountability and sets a precedent for lasting recovery. When there is a structure in place, individuals can think about future goals and truly dedicate themselves to achieving them.

Anyone needing help with addiction, their own or that of a loved one, can call WhiteSands anytime day or night at (877) 640-7820. Visit to learn more.


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