Pathways Recovery Launches New Outpatient Addiction Treatment Program

Sacramento, CA: Pathways Recovery, an addiction treatment center based just outside the Sacramento area, has recently launched a new intensive outpatient addiction treatment program. The addiction treatment center has numerous programs and incorporates their world view of each person as a unique individual with different circumstances and reasons surrounding substance use to addiction treatment approach.

This intensive outpatient program (IOP) will accompany Pathways Recovery’s existing addiction treatment programs such as: detoxification, evidence-based treatments with master’s-level clinicians and experienced drug and alcohol counselors, medication-assisted treatment, family education, and 12-step recovery group programming.

The newly enacted IOP focuses on providing support and treatment to those in the local community who are looking for the support of an outpatient program, as well as participants already engaged in the residential treatment process. Often, individuals who are in the process of residential treatment will seek outpatient programming as a next step to bolster their sober living skills and create a strong foundation for a lifelong recovery.

Pathways Recovery’s intensive outpatient program offers three weekly treatment sessions on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. The program also includes a weekly individual session with a counselor to review a participant’s individualized treatment plan and work through any obstacles that have appeared due to usual life challenges. Overall, the programming lasts approximately six weeks.

This program is intentionally limited to a few clients in order to better cater to every participant in the group and ensure every person can be attended to personally. Pathways Recovery also explains that the size is meant to establish as safe and secure of an environment as possible.

This outpatient program teaches participants skills to help prevent relapse, to deal with codependency and codependent relationships, work on establishing healthy boundaries, and learning healthy ways to deal with stress and obstacles that come up in life. Graduating from an inpatient level of care to independent living can cause some challenges and bring about temptation to fall back into negative patterns of substance use.

Outpatient programs are not always a substitute for inpatient addiction treatment programs. Pathways Recovery’s program is best suited for those who have already been through a residential treatment program and are looking to extend support and care into independent living. When moving on from a residential program, extra support can be helpful to individuals struggling to create new substance-free habits and lifestyles.

For more on intensive outpatient care in Sacramento, visit the treatment center’s website. Pathways Recovery’s representatives can be reached for further details as well at (916) 435-7279.


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