Pathfinders Recovery Wants Those that Suffer from Adderall Addiction to Know They are Not Alone in the Fight

Pathfinders Recovery Centers are Scottsdale, AZ and Aurora, CO treatment centers that help those suffering from a wide variety of substance abuse issues. Among the foremost of their offerings is their well-reputed treatments for those suffering from Adderall addiction. This recovery center is experienced enough to know that the availability of treatments alone will not always be enough to get those who are addicted to Adderall to seek out the help that is out there for them. That’s why Pathfinders Recovery is pleased to provide much information on the subject of Adderall addiction so those that suffer from it and their impacted loved ones realize they are not in this fight alone.

This information includes articles with Adderall addiction stories, the definition of Adderall abuse and addiction, and information on their acclaimed detox and treatment center. Those that have sought treatment from this recovery center often rave about its full continuum of care for those suffering from Adderall addiction or any other substance. A spokesperson for Pathfinders Recovery says, “While popular with students and others, Adderall is an amphetamine drug that has an even higher potential for abuse among at-risk populations. That’s why it’s so important for us here at our recovery center to let individuals and their concerned loved ones know they do not have to take on this fight alone. We have the specialized treatments and professional guidance available that are necessary to help those who are suffering from Adderall addiction get on and stay on the path to recovery.”

Adderall addiction is real, and adderall treatment from Pathfinders Recovery Centers can help with addiction treatment and detox

The company spokesperson says that some of the helpful information that this recovery center provides includes more information on what Adderall is. It’s a very common prescription central nervous system stimulant that is in a class it shares with such other drugs as Ritalin, Concerta, and Dexedrine. The drug increases central nervous system activity by stimulating the production of brain chemicals called norepinephrine and dopamine. When taken as prescribed it is beneficial in that it can boost energy levels, improve focus, and decrease feelings of restlessness. Unfortunately, she says that it also has a steep downside if taken in high quantities not as prescribed. That’s why many medical professionals consider Adderall to be a high-risk medication that poses a great risk for abuse and addiction.

They also supply information on Adderall abuse vs addiction. Adderall abuse stems from patients it is prescribed to or others taking it in ways that it was not intended, such as students using it as a stimulant so they can study longer for exams. This is taken to a whole new level by those that suffer from Adderall addiction. People in this category are exposed to much more severe effects from the use of Adderall as increased body temperature, irregular heartbeats, increased heart attack risk, potential heart failure, seizures developing from nerve problems. She stated that once people are addicted to Adderall, often the only path back is by seeking the help of reputable substance abuse recovery centers such as theirs. Early treatment is highly recommended because prolonged Adderall abuse has been shown to lead to not only physical health consequences but also to such mental health issues as mania and psychosis. There is even a strong connection to Adderall addiction leading to the use of even stronger and more dangerous substances.

The families of those that this reputable treatment center has helped with their addictions often express their thanks in very heartfelt reviews. Alisha Rose wrote, “The ownership, therapists, and house managers at Pathfinders genuinely care about their clients. We appreciate the support given to our son, and our entire family in his recovery process. Anyone who has had an adult child battle addiction knows that recovery is often a long process with multiple stays in recovery. Pathfinders stands out for the personalized, respectful care, based on research-based therapeutic approaches.” Abbey Dimas proclaimed, “The owners at Pathfinders are some of the most compassionate and amazing people I have ever met. They are all experienced, well educated, and connected with the recovery community. My husband went to the facility in late January and received more help than we could have ever imagined. Even after he completed his program, they all stay in touch with him. Lawrence, Matt, and Lucas have become a part of our family and we are so grateful for all of their help!”

People in Scottsdale, Arizona or Aurora, Colorado areas, or those across the nation that are suffering from Adderall or any other types of addiction and want more information on how to get help can get in touch with this highly-rated amphetamine detox center by phone, email, or through the use of its website contact form.


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