PASCO Systems Announces Launch of Online Parts Store for Automated Packaging Systems

PASCO Systems Automation & Robotics, a leading provider of automated packaging based in St. Louis, MO, takes pride in launching their online parts store, which is a milestone and groundbreaking move. This online parts store provides customers easy access to a comprehensive range of quality replacement parts for their automated systems.

Jim Nardulli, COO at PASCO Systems, says “The online store is designed with convenience in mind, allowing customers to select the best option based on price point, compatibility, and other key criteria. Whether you're looking for something specific or browsing for a part to upgrade your current setup, the online store has you covered. PASCO Systems is committed to delivering top-notch parts and customer service. With the launch of this new online parts store, customers can now get their hands on genuine PASCO products with ease. So, what are you waiting for? Visit the new PASCO Systems online parts store and get the high-quality replacement parts you need to keep your automated systems for packaging running smoothly.”

PASCO is well-known in the packaging industry with their innovative solutions beginning with robotic automation processes designed to improve the client’s bottom line. Their automated packaging systems are designed to process up to 100 lbs of palletized bags at up to 24 bags per minute. Various bag sizes can be handled with no need for changeover, various pail types and sizes handled with no need for changeover. They even feature an automatic doily placer, which is the first of its kind in the industry. In addition, their end-of-arm tools have been designed to last for eight million cycles of use, which means it can operate for years without replacement.

The previous automation method was typically an all-or-nothing system. Manufacturing facilities had to purchase huge machines that handled one part of the process, sometimes having to link those machines through a complex system of conveyors. With distractions in the workplace on the rise, miscommunication and the possibility of human error has also increased, which can cost the business billions in wasted revenue. With the PASCO automated packaging systems, they sought to change that.

Various kinds of packaging can be automated, including those for: food and beverage, beauty and soaps, chemicals and polymers, clothing and textiles, lumber and wooden goods, and pharmaceuticals. Packaging can be in the form of bags, boxes, barrels, metal packaging, plastic packaging, and paper products.

Fully understanding that all robotic automation systems are subject to accidental damage and natural wear and tear, they also provide the PASCO® PDQ™ Service. PDQ customers are assured that a PASCO technician on site on the same day they are contacted.

They also offer the PASCO Robotic Palletizers, which are machines that automatically sort, transfer, and stack cases of products or goods onto a pallet. Every robotic palletizer provided by PASCO is customized for each particular client. Their packaging and warehousing experts will examine the various concerns of each client and come up with a tailor-fitted solution for the client’s specific inventory storage concerns.

Founded in 1976 by two engineers and a fabricator as PALCO, it has evolved into the current PASCO Systems Corp. Along the way, they developed the PASCO brand of automatic machinery and systems that are focused on end of line automation. They integrated their first FANUC robot in 2004 and at the present time, they are supporting over 650 customers with 2,000 automated systems in the field, with more than 600 of them with integrated robots. The company is now a premier provider of automated packaging systems and related services. With over two decades of expertise, PASCO Systems offers advanced solutions to meet the needs of business owners and operators in various parts of the world. Their products are all designed for efficiency, cost savings, and reliability to help their customers become more successful.

Those who are interested in learning more about automated packaging systems can check out the PASCO Systems Automation & Robotics website or contact them on the phone or email.


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