Parc & Main, LLC Answers Top 7 Questions on How to Sell Own House

Parc & Main, LLC, a real estate agency based in Snellville, GA, presents the answers to the top 7 home seller questions on how to sell their house in Gwinnett County. This real estate brokerage firm has a mission of helping home sellers, home buyers, and tenant-buyers. With the coronavirus pandemic still a concern, those who want to sell their house for whatever reason will have a lot of questions in their mind, especially with regards to whether selling their house is really a good idea at the present time.

Carmen Peay of Parc & Main, LLC says, “Homeowners who are planning to sell their home for whatever reason will have many questions on their mind. After all, investing in a home was a major financial decision and so is selling the house. It involves a substantial amount of money and homeowners who want to sell their house fast would have many worries. If you are planning on selling your house, don’t worry, with out experience and knowledge, we can provide you with the necessary guidance.”

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A key question for would-be home sellers in Gwinnet County is the current condition of the market. This may actually be the most difficult question because there are so many variables that contribute to the state of the real estate market. Furthermore, local real estate markets may vary from region to region and even from community to community. The best way to really know a specific market’s condition is to ask a real estate agent who has knowledge and expertise for that particular area.

Another possible question from a home seller is when is the best time to sell. This will also differ depending on the area. In most areas, early summer and spring would be the best times to sell a home, but in some areas, winter would be the best time. Once again, it would be a good idea to consult a real estate agent who has expert knowledge and experience regarding a particular area.

Another important question is whether a would-be home seller should sell the house first before buying a new one. Selling the house first is actually the more practical solution for most people. However, it will also require the home seller to find temporary housing while buying a new house.

Those who plan to sell their home will also want to ask whether it is advisable to vacate their home while selling it. However, there are both advantages and disadvantages to consider. Selling a vacant home would mean that the homeowner will not be disturbed every time a potential buyer would like to take a look at the property. There would also be more chances of the house being shown to potential buyers because the real estate agent doesn’t have to call the homeowner first before bringing a prospect to see the property. And there would be no need to clean the house constantly. It is much easier to keep a vacant house clean than one that is occupied.

On the other hand, a vacant home may attract criminals. It may get vandalized or some unscrupulous people might use the property for their criminal activities. If there is any damage to the property, the homeowner may end up paying for the repair because homeowner’s insurance does not usually cover vacant homes. Another disadvantage is that home buyers may find it harder to visualize a vacant home as their future home because of the lack of furniture and indications that the property is a good place to live in. There may be a need to put in some temporary furniture to help would-be buyers make their decision to finally buy.

Another important question is who will be paying for the closing costs. The answer is that the home seller is not obliged to pay for the closing costs but may want to offer to pay part of it as part of the negotiation. Other important questions include how much the seller should disclose and whether to sell the house on their own or get the services of an agent.

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