Panama City Plumbing Company Offers Eco-Friendly Drain Cleaner

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Panama City, Fla. — Due to their harsh chemicals, most drain cleaners are remarkably bad for plumbing systems, as well as for the environment. As a local plumbing company in Panama City, Mr. Rooter of Northwest Florida, is offering an eco-friendly alternative called BioChoiceES® to its customers.

The high-quality drain cleaner “begins working as soon as you pour it into the drain, with no wake-up period like other microbial drain cleaners. More importantly, it is recognized by the EPA for being completely safe to use around children and pets. Only the safest products receive this recognition, marked by the EPA’s seal of approval on the packaging,” states the Mr. Rooter team.

To help make using BioChoiceES® as simple as possible, there is no mixing or measuring needed, as there is a fluid ounce measuring tool conveniently located on the top of the bottle. Additionally, one cleaning treatment only requires a half of a capful of cleaner to produce the same results as 5 capfuls of other cleaners would, which makes BioChoiceES® the more cost-effective option. The drain cleaner quickly removes years of organic matter buildup, such as grease, fats, oil, and soap residue, which helps increase drain-flow. While it might take a bit longer to remove large clogs, this cleaner remains the better option for any plumbing system, as well as for the environment.

Mr. Rooter of Northwest Florida offers upfront pricing, 24/7 services, and experienced technicians. The local plumbing company services the entire Florida Panhandle with underground pipe repair, water heater replacement, sewer inspections, leak detection, drain cleaning, and so much more. To schedule quality plumbing services or to purchase BioChoiceES®, call Mr. Rooter of Northwest Florida at (850) 250-0906 or visit them online at The skilled technicians at Mr. Rooter are ready to help.


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