Panama City Foreclosure Lawyers Discuss the Recent Rise in Debt Collection Activity

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Panama City, FLA. – As the COVID-19 pandemic began to gain prominence last year, many debt collectors temporarily suspended their collection attempts, leading to a considerable drop in collection lawsuits. The team of foreclosure lawyers in Panama City, Lewis and Jurnovoy, theorize that this period of leniency appears to be coming to an end as collection activities have begun to increase in earnest over the last several weeks. Debt collection companies across the country seem to have returned to business as normal, filing both credit card lawsuits as well as foreclosures.

It’s not uncommon for people to be well in debt before realizing that they need assistance from debt professionals. According to Lewis and Jurnovoy, there are signs of mounting debt that they have advised to look out for. These signs include receiving phone calls and letters from debt collection agencies, having to regularly delay or skip credit card payments or mortgages, or constantly having to borrow more money to pay bills. Dealing with any or all of these issues means that now is a good time to reach out for legal advice.

On a recent segment of their live call-in show, “Bankruptcy Hour,” hosted by Lewis and Jurnovoy every week on Tuesday on Blab TV, Lewis stated, “You shouldn’t have to go through this alone if you're having financial problems... give us a call, let us set you up with an appointment and see what’s going on and see what we can do to try and steer you in the right direction to help you get out of debt and to move forward.”

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