Panama City Bankruptcy Attorneys Highlight Bi Weekly Television Program

Panama City, Fla – Martin Lewis and Steven Jurnovoy, local Panama City bankruptcy attorneys, are excited to highlight their bi-weekly television show, ‘Bankruptcy Hour’. The live show airs on Blab TV every other Tuesday at 7:00 p.m. CST. The next episode is scheduled to air next Tuesday, December 15, 2020.

During the program, Lewis and Jurnovoy focus on answering questions from viewers on the topic of bankruptcy. For any listeners interested in submitting questions, they are encouraged to send an email to or call in live during the show using the number provided on the channel.

Blab TV is a local television station that allows local organizations and businesses to share dialogue that impacts the Pensacola area and surrounding communities. Viewers can enjoy high-quality content on Blab TV live anytime by visiting their website or via cable and satellite television.

With over 25 years of experience, Lewis and Jurnovoy are passionate about helping those in financial distress and frequently use their extensive knowledge on the subject to educate their community. In addition to offering free consultations, hosting ‘Bankruptcy Hour’ is one of the many ways they choose to give back and ensure that their clients can make informed decisions based on their individual situation. The live discussion during the show allows for a safe space for viewers to bring up questions and concerns regarding bankruptcy and gives attorneys Martin Lewis and Steven Jurnovoy a platform to expand on commonly brought-up bankruptcy topics.

As local attorneys in Panama City, FL, Lewis and Jurnovoy feel it is their responsibility to keep their community informed with the most up to date bankruptcy news. As partners since 1998, Lewis and Jurnovoy have a passion for helping their community understand bankruptcy and other options to consider when in financial distress. For more information regarding personal bankruptcy, give the offices of Lewis & Jurnovoy, PA a call at (850) 913-9110 or visit them online at


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