Palisades Dental: Wisdom Teeth Removal, What It Encompasses And Why It Is Important

American Fork, Utah-based Palisades Dental is reaching out to the community to share information on wisdom teeth removals. This is the office's latest effort to bring awareness to certain areas of dental care that often get overlooked. The clinic’s website, containing more information on this topic and more, is available here:

Despite being an important and fairly common procedure, the clinic asserts that the uncertainties and questions surrounding wisdom teeth removals are abundant. Many patients do not know what they are getting into beforehand, which leads to unnecessary stress. Patients tend to avoid and postpone the removal of their wisdom teeth due to this reason, unaware of the risks that such a delay presents or the significant long-term impact that it can have on their life.

Dr. Jeff Youngquist, lead dentist at Palisades Dental, says, "There are many misconceptions and questions surrounding this topic, though we believe that we will be able to help the community make better choices by addressing it once and for all. You may have heard a few horror stories about wisdom teeth removal going wrong, but this is a common, routine procedure. This should be easy enough to see once you know exactly what is done, how we proceed and why it is necessary.”

The local office explains that wisdom tooth extraction is a surgical procedure used to remove one or more wisdom teeth (the four permanent adult teeth located at the back corners of the mouth on the top and bottom). These teeth usually appear between the ages of 17 and 25. Some people never develop wisdom teeth. For others, wisdom teeth erupt normally, just as their other molars did, and cause no problems. Only those who develop impacted wisdom teeth (teeth that do not have enough room to erupt into the mouth or develop normally) require an extraction.

This condition can cause pain, infection or other dental problems. People with impacted teeth are more prone to infection or gum disease, caused by the food trapped in between their teeth, leading to tooth decay, damage to nearby teeth and (in some cases) the development of cysts. While these issues may be mild or barely noticeable at first, they can escalate and have a significant impact on the patient's health in the long term. Due to this, and to prevent potential future problems, some dentists and oral surgeons recommend wisdom tooth extraction even if impacted teeth are not currently causing problems.

Dr. Youngquist says, "While it is difficult to predict future problems with impacted wisdom teeth, there's a case to be made for a preemptive removal. You can be lenient on this as long as you are not experiencing any of the symptoms of impacted teeth. If you are, however, there is only one way to guarantee your health and well-being, and that is to consult with your trusted dentist."

Palisades Dental offers wisdom teeth removal in the American Fork area, welcoming all local residents as well as those from communities in the surrounding areas of Lehi, Highland, Cedar Hills, Pleasant Grove, Vineyard and Orem. The dental care practice is celebrated by the community as one of the best clinics in the area. They have received many reviews that attest to the excellence of their services and premium treatment their patients enjoy.

On the Google platform alone, they enjoy an outstanding 5-Star review rating, which places them firmly among the best-rated dental care clinics in Utah. One of their most recent reviews, written by Garrett Cones, says, "A good dentist makes all the difference, Jeff is the best dentist I’ve ever had. He explained in detail what was going on with my bite as well as showing me via a mirror and X-rays. I feel like the dentist was very knowledgeable and took his time making sure that the end result would fix my bite issue."

The dental clinic’s website offers more details on Palisades dental and their services. Interested parties may reach out to Dr. Jeff Youngquist to follow up on any inquiries. Patients may also complete the form on the dental office’s site to schedule an appointment. Find them here:

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