PageKits Launches New Website to Offer Guides on the Best Website Builders and E-Commerce Platforms

New York-based website guide, PageKits launched its new website to offer guides and reviews on aids for building and hosting websites. The site provides all the information related to website building to help anyone aspiring to make their online presence.

In recent years, marketing and retail have largely transitioned to the digital world, as statistics from 2020 show over 2 billion people purchasing goods or services online, with the numbers rapidly growing. E-Commerce, like many other industries, has transformed with the advancement of the online digital world. It has now grown into an indispensable part of the global retail industry, and anyone hoping to compete in the fast-paced digital world needs to build their online presence.

PageKits’ website focuses on providing easily accessible online resources and detailed research on website building tools and aids, so beginners and small business owners can explore options and find the best components to build their websites. The site is developed and run by a team of web developers, IT experts, and industry professionals.

“You will need the best website builder to help you thrive in this industry,” said Founder & CEO Gabriela Crothers. “Each business has different requirements and every website builder offers various features. Finding your way among the numerous options can prove challenging, which is why we research, review and compare the best options, so you can find the one that makes the most sense for your business.”

The services provided on PageKits’ new website include guides and reviews on website builders, web design, blog site reviews, and WordPress reviews. Furthermore, the site’s resources contain information regarding different types of web hosting services, from reviews of different types to comparisons of various features. For learning more about available website builder options, visit their page;

Additionally, PageKits also offers guides on choosing the best eCommerce website builders. Building a website can seem intimidating for beginners or small business owners without prior experience. Website builders are meant to remedy this and can help out a complete beginner. According to Crothers, eCommerce has grown into one of the most consequential innovations for businesses, which is why it is in the best interests of business owners to expand into the digital space and establish themselves on eCommerce platforms. Readers can get more information regarding this by visiting their page;

One of PageKits’ more popular services is proving to be their website domain registrars reviews and comparison of domains. The resources provided on the site are aimed at helping beginners, and small business owners pick the right tools and aids for building their websites.

Full details of the services and resources available can be found by visiting PageKits.


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