Paddle Boards Expected to Be a Big Part of the Upcoming 5th Annual Bluegrass River Run Races

Paddleboards USA wants to alert paddleboard enthusiasts in Kentucky and the surrounding areas to an upcoming event that they may be interested in partaking in. This event is called the 5th Annual Bluegrass River Run Races. It’s being put on by a group called ‘#explorekentucky’ and paddleboard, kayaking, and canoe enthusiasts are welcome to attend. Race happenings include a non-competitive scenic 6-mile float trip and two competitive events. All three will take place on Saturday, May 29 at the Fort Boonesborough State Park in Richmond, KY.

Jack Smith, a spokesperson for Paddleboards USA says, “One of our jobs here at Paddleboards USA is to make sure that our followers get information on current on the water events that are taking place in their area. That’s why it was so important for us to bring attention to the upcoming 5th Annual Bluegrass River Run Races. It’s a highly organized event that offers some fun and fitness challengers to paddleboarders in that part of the country. We will continue to keep track of upcoming water events that include paddleboards and pass that on to those who rely on us for this type of information.”

The group spokesperson went on to give more details about the three events that will be taking place during the 5th Annual Bluegrass River Run Races. Discussed first was the event’s most popular attraction which is the leisurely 6-mile Float Trip. There is no set time for this event as participants can start anywhere from 10:30 am to the 2 pm cutoff time. This event launches from the beach at the historic Fort Boonesborough State Park and winds along 6 miles to the finish at partner sponsor Proud Mary BBQ’s location. The first shuttle launches from this popular local barbeque at 10 am. He added that this event is so popular not only because of its fun and leisurely pace but also because of the breathtaking scenery that can be taken in along the way. This includes the 60-foot-high cliffs of the river's palisades section and the Lower Howards Creek Nature Preserve.

The two competitive paddling events which include paddle boards will be part of what is known as ‘The Waterman Series’. This series is a collective effort on the part of paddle sports enthusiasts, communities, willing sponsors, and grassroots organizations who wish to promote paddlesport racing as an all-inclusive activity. All of their related events promote positive energy, a community-first mindset, and cater to those that have a passion for the water. The company spokesperson mentioned that the shorter of the two competitive events is the 6-mile Boonesborough to Proud Mary Dash. This race follows the same course as the leisurely 6-mile Float Trip and has a 9:30 am start time. He added that the longest and most competitive race of the day is what’s known as the 14-mile Boonesborough to Valley View Challenge. A race that once again starts at the Fort Boonesborough State Park and continues downstream 4 miles past the sponsored barbeque location. He says that what makes it so challenging is that the last 4 miles of the course go upstream back to Proud Mary BBQ’s location. That’s why this paddle sport race with a 9 am start time is only recommended for intermediate to advanced paddlers. Both competitive races will be open to operators of several different classes of paddlesport craft including recreational kayaks, surfskis, stand-up paddleboards, canoes, and outrigger canoes.

Those participating in any of the events are required to bring approved personal floatation devices (some will also be available for rent or purchase) and will be given both a commemorative t-shirt of the event and a holographic decal. All three events will be open to those that have SUP, kayaks, or canoes. The company spokesperson says that although it’s what is known as a BYOB (bring your own boat) event, those that do not own one of these three types of water paddle craft should not be discouraged from attending. That’s because there will be rental stand-up paddleboards, kayaks, and canoes available. He stated that this event is always so popular because it caters to both avid and novice paddle sport enthusiasts.

More specific information on the 5th Annual Bluegrass River Run Races can be found on this event’s dedicated website.


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