Pacific Manor Recovery Celebrates its One Year Anniversary

Riverside, CA - Pacific Manor Recovery has much to celebrate: It’s marking a full year of giving hope in the struggle toward long-term recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

Located in Riverside, California, Pacific Manor was founded in 2020. Since then, it has grown from treating eight clients a year ago to almost 40 patients today, a testament to the quality of its care.

pacific manor recovery alcohol and drug rehab

“We are so proud of our clients and wish them all the best,” said Program Manager Salvador Montes, who has been with Pacific Manor since its doors opened. As a leading addiction treatment center in Riverside CA, Pacific Manor is committed to excellence in treatment.

Pacific Manor is part of Resurgence Behavioral Health, a nationwide network of recovery centers where people find help in their struggles against drug addiction, alcohol dependence and mental illness. The journey to long-term recovery can be discovered at Pacific Manor, where comprehensive care begins with detox, continues through residential and inpatient rehab and finally helps the client successfully live an independent life beyond treatment.

All treatment is evidence-based and customized to the unique needs of each client. Treatment can be integrated with traditional 12 Step programs, a valuable tool for when the client leaves residential treatment and seeks to continue recovery support outside the center. Therapy includes group and individual counseling, using cognitive and dialectical behavioral therapy, which “re-train” the brain to function without the artificial stimulation of drugs or alcohol.

But as necessary as it is to free clients from physical dependence, Pacific Manor’s treatment specialists know that addiction often goes much deeper. In many cases, substance use disorder is just a symptom of an underlying mental illness such as anxiety or depression; the addict is trying to use drugs or alcohol to dull the psychic pain they feel or seek stimulation they cannot find elsewhere.

According to the California Healthcare Foundation, nearly 9 million Americans are trying to cope with a dual diagnosis, but only 7.4% receive treatment. Therefore, treatment at Pacific Manor is designed to delve into the root causes of each person’s addiction.

Addiction is often born of physical and emotional pain. It takes a special kind of compassion and expertise to help people overcome these circumstances, and Pacific Manor’s staff has both. Therapists hold master’s and doctoral level degrees, ensuring that clients receive the highest level of care possible. The physical facilities and living accommodations are designed for safety and comfort, so recovery is all clients have to think about – and they begin to see that there truly is a happy life without drugs or alcohol.

The goal is always to discover the reasons for addiction and to replace addictive behavior with healthier habits. Clients also learn how to structure their lives to reduce the chance of relapse when they leave the security of inpatient rehab.

Not all clients find success the first time they attend, but they are always welcomed with care and compassion – no matter how many times they try.

“Pacific Manor is a big family,” said Montes, “and we all work together to make it the best experience and client care possible on a daily basis.”

For help or more information on Pacific Manor’s addiction and mental health treatment programs, visit the website or call 888-300-4370.


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