PA Metal Building Company Identifies Key Advantages of Pre-engineered Metal Buildings Over Concrete

CDMG, the top Pennsylvania metal building company, is a leader in pre-engineered steel constructions. The PA steel building company explains the advantages of metal constructions compared with concrete buildings, pre-engineered metal buildings use commercial-grade steel columns and rafters to create easily assembled frames that build a strong network around the building.

CDMG explains that concrete can be molded into any shape, which makes it a construction favorite, but it is heavy, which limits its ability to expand without adding extra support columns, besides limiting maneuverability. The Pennsylvania steel building supplier asserts that steel offers a lot of flexibility compared with concrete and can create intricate designs without requiring extra columns, making steel a favorite with warehouses and aircraft hangars. It is safer than concrete during construction as the manufacturing occurs in the factory, reducing the risk of a safety hazard at the site.

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According to CDMG, “The wide spaces between exterior steel columns allow for large expanses of glass, making it ideal for a business requiring showrooms.” The top Pennsylvania metal builder emphasizes the flexibility of steel, which reduces the risk of collapse during natural calamities, unlike concrete, which is prone to shattering due to brittleness.

“Steel buildings are capable of withstanding winds of up to 200 mph, which makes them more likely to survive in areas prone to tornados and hurricanes. Steel buildings bend with the wind and deflect lateral forces to the walls and down to the ground,” states CDMG.

CDMG claims that building a cost-effective concrete structure that can withstand winds blowing at 200 mph is a lot harder than erecting a steel building. The metal supplier admits that both steel and concrete can withstand fire, adding that innovative fire-retardant coatings improve the fire resistance of steel, which is an advantage over concrete.

Concrete has always been the preferred choice for large-scale construction projects, but its bulky body limits the height of the structure, states the top metal building company in Pennsylvania, adding “pre-engineered metal buildings can span 300 feet without needing a single interior load-bearing column.” Luckily, there are no length limitations of a pre-engineered metal building that need little support and can span as wide as 480 feet with more frames and bays.

Emphasizing steel's versatility, CDMG claims that steel is the top construction material of the future for warehouses, manufacturing plants, and aircraft hangers. There is no dearth of steel, with about 7.2 million of annual structural steel production in the United States. The PA steel building company explains that recycling of steel without a loss of quality adds another feather to its cap as a top construction material.

“Steel requires next to no maintenance and can be quickly and easily repaired. Maintenance requirements and costs will remain low throughout the lifetime of the prefabricated steel building,” said CDMG.

Steel is sun-resistant, states the CDMG, adding that long warranties, durability, and flexibility make it the best building material instead of concrete that takes more time and skill for repair. “A metal roof with a protective finish may be warrantied for 40 years or more.”

CDMG is a leader in pre-engineered metal building constructions in Pennsylvania. The top PA steel building supplier manages all aspects of the construction process, from design to construction. Anybody interested to benefit from steel constructions should trust CDMG for their next building project.

The CDMG website shows why the PA steel building supplier is the top choice for pre-engineered metal building projects.


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