OxyStrap International Offers Most Accurate Fitness Tracker

OxyStrap International, a company based in San Diego, CA, has announced that they offer the most accurate fitness tracker. This is because unlike the usual fitness trackers that are worn on the wrist, the OxyStrap is worn around the head to measure skin surface body temperature and oxygen saturation by keeping track of the blood-rich surface of the head. The OxyStrap fitness tracker was developed by a surgeon who specializes in bariatrics and fitness. Because of the positioning of the strap, it is able to monitor changes in blood oxygen saturation, allowing individuals to have a safer workout.

The OxyStrap fitness tracker measures various factors, such as: pulse rate, body temperature, caloric burn, blood oxygen saturation, speed, altitude, distance travelled, and steps. This particular fitness tracker has been designed to be used by anyone. Thus, for those who are trying to get back into shape, this fitness tracker allows them to keep track of their progress and become aware of the efficient caloric burn rates.

It may also be used by runners and athletes because it can support peak performance while allowing them to make sure that their heart rate and oxygen saturation are at safe levels. Backpackers and hikers may also benefit from the accuracy and health-related features of the OxyStrap, relying on this tool to safely prepare for long outings. Children and student athletes may also use this fitness tracker to understand more about their body, particularly with how it responds to various activities.

The OxyStrap is a head-based fitness tracker, in contrast to the regular fitness trackers that are wrist or extremity based. This means that it is the only fitness tracker that can provide all the vital elements for accuracy of body vital signs while the body is moving and under a broad range of conditions, such as dehydration, outdoor sunlight, low environmental temperatures, and low blood pressure. Several medical research articles confirm this capability of the OxyStrap fitness tracker.

The OxyStrap fitness tracker offers enhanced safety for the individual. This is because frequent real-time audio announcements of the body’s vital signs can be used and the individual can be alerted to decreasing oxygen levels, any extreme pulse changes, and increasing body temperature. These indications may signal the individual to stop the activity and seek medical advice as soon as possible.

The OxyStrap fitness tracker has unique features: the capability to offer accurate body temperature, heart rate, and oxygen saturation data while the individual is engaged in an activity and under a broad range of conditions; and provision of real-time audio announcements of the individual’s body vital signs at a user selected frequency. Because of the real-time audio announcements, the individual is aware that the heart rate is ideal, the workout intensity does not cause over-heating, and the oxygen levels are appropriate. This ensures the best possible results from the physical activity: maintaining a healthy weight; building a strong heart, bones & body muscle; burning the maximum calories; and maintaining good body flexibility.

The OxyStrap fitness tracker also has additional features. These include: an affordable price; free app synchronization to both Android and iOS devices; the fact that it is simple to use and user-friendly; stain resistance and antimicrobial odor control; wireless inductive charger; the fact that it is comfortable to wear; adjustable fit; moisture-wicking headband; and provision of comprehensive fitness data.

It should also be noted that the OxyStrap fitness tracker may also be used to detect illness. This is because a rising body temperature, an elevated heart rate, and declining blood oxygen levels could be early indicators of an illness. Any substantially abnormal body vital signs might serve as an early warning sign for the individual to seek medical care.

Also, while the OxyStrap is not an FDA approved medical device, the rigorous testing conducted by the company shows that it can provide vital signs data that are comparable to the accuracy of medical devices when it is used properly.

Those who are interested in getting an accurate fitness tracker may want to check out the OxyStrap International website, or contact them on the phone, or through email.


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