Our Home Investments Announces We Buy Houses in Oahu Hawaii

Our Home Investments wants the community to be aware that it is now purchasing homes in Oahu in any condition, and that it stands ready to help those needing timely results at this challenging time in history. The company prides itself on their ability to help homeowners of any description in any situation with their properties. The company takes a case-by-case approach in order to evaluate what is needed and what can be done to help.

Jack McKindless, a spokesperson for Our Home Investments, said, “Our Home is able to help all owners to move their property at a fair price. For those in need of a quick sale we can really help out. We buy houses in any condition, so it really is not a problem if it is in need of repairs inside or out. If there is junk that needs removing our company can do that too, and additionally, we will be responsible for providing a cleaning service so that nobody needs to spend extra money when it could be better spent elsewhere. We buy houses in Oahu, Hawaii, and we are always willing to help homeowners learn more about our home buying service. It is easier and simpler than most people think.”

As Mr. McKindless said, the process is very simple. The company will meet with a prospective seller in person or virtually and discuss the situation. Whether a family is trying to avoid foreclosure, or even if the property is actually already in foreclosure or repossession - very often the situation can be dealt with rapidly for all concerned. Very often Our Home Investments can not only make a cash offer, but close the sale within 14 days.

The company’s mission statement is very direct. Mr. McKindless continued, “We say that their mission is to rejuvenate neighborhoods and increase the standard of living by improving the overall quality of housing for the residents. Not only do we buy houses, we also renovate and sell them. So, whether someone is interested in selling, or buying – we can help.”

Timothy Bryer, who purchased a home through “Our Home” and currently lives there actually also was a seller to the company. “My cousins and I inherited a property and I met with ‘Our Home’ to sell it. They made the process so simple and understandable that when I was ready to buy a place a few years later, I went right back to ‘Our Home’,” he said. “They were professional, honest, and reasonable, and I am still recommending them today.”

Locally owned in the Oahu area, the company has extensive knowledge of the business, a network of resources, and years of expertise that it can leverage to assist homeowners with a wide variety of real estate problems. For example, the company has been able to keep families out of foreclosure status and that alone has prevented a tremendous number of headaches for clients.

Our Home Investments also has access to private lenders which is different from the way that most realtors work. “We have a lot of ways to get the needs of homeowners met,” Mr. McKindless continued.

Homeowners in the Oahu, Hawaii area who are interested in finding out more about the way the company’s buying process works and how it can help them sell their property quickly and easily should reach out and contact Our Home Investments for more information.

As previously mentioned by Mr. McKindless, Our Home Investments is not only in the business of buying homes, the company also sells homes. It would benefit anyone who is looking to purchase a property, or even thinking about doing so, to think about getting in touch with the company to find out what is currently available for sale.

Visitors to the company’s website whether they are thinking of selling or buying will find details there of Our Home Investments office hours and telephone numbers, as well as an online contact form for those who prefer to get in touch that way.


For more information about Our Home Investments, contact the company here:

Our Home Investments
Indar Lange
(808) 989 2323
2333 Kapiolani Blvd #208, Honolulu, HI 96826, United States