Orlando Preschool The Learning Center of South Park Is Focusing On Holistic Social And Emotional Development

Parents from Orlando, Florida, who are looking to enroll their children in preschool are being urged to consider The Learning Center of South Park, a preschool that offers the flexibility and affordability of a traditional daycare or child care center while bringing in a structured curriculum to provide a well-rounded educational experience.

The center incorporates a Reggio Emilia-inspired preschool curriculum, a student-centered and teacher-framed curriculum that uses self-directed, experiential learning in relationship-driven environments. The center says that it places a focus on children’s holistic development that considers both their social and emotional needs. The center’s carefully curated curriculum incorporates sensory, language/communications, and cognitive skills. It also prides itself on encouraging preschoolers to learn physical development, make friends, and manage feelings such as anger or sadness.

The Learning Center of South Park

The Learning Center of South Park caters to parents looking for both preschools and child care centers. Child care schools often cater to children from six weeks old, whereas preschool typically caters to children from 2 - 5 years old. Child care schools focus on caring for children while their parents are at work by giving them essentials such as food and rest to feel safe while away from home. The Learning Center of South Park offers all the benefits of a daycare program while also focusing on education through a well-defined creative curriculum for all age groups. The lesson plans for the Infant room start with 3 months old babies, evolve with 6 months old babies, and culminate with 9 months old babies, focusing on attachment, relationships, and emotional skill development as well as that of motor skills.

The preschool website answers common parent questions regarding "how to choose a South Park preschool" by talking about the importance of childhood education and what it takes to foster the environment for children. Preschool Director Helen Batie said, “Our goal is to model an environment where our little angels can get first-hand experience in understanding how it looks when people are kind and respectful towards one another. Our teachers work hard to create this inclusive and encouraging atmosphere where children can be themselves and learn the life lessons that will help them excel in whatever they set their minds to in the future. We are very discerning in making hires, and we only pick passionate teachers who have a zeal for children’s education. All of our staff loves kids and works hard to create a safe, stimulating, and constructive learning environment.”

The preschool gives a few salient reasons that set it apart from traditional daycares, schools, and other early education programs. Firstly, the curriculum is designed to focus on what is of interest to children in each age group. The crux of the teaching methodology is to develop the skills of thinking and learning rather than gaining knowledge about a particular topic. Second, the preschool caters to children ranging from infants to 5-year olds as it doesn’t believe that learning needs to be tied to the arbitrary age of 2 years old. The preschool manages to strike a delicate balancing act by letting the children lead or suggest when the timing is right for them to progress. The preschool also nurtures and teaches each child individually at their own pace by providing them opportunities to learn through play and outside games in a hands-on learning environment. The preschool’s teachers monitor students closely by observing and interacting with them, assessing them individually, and noting their progress in the classroom. Finally, lessons are current and will teach children skills that they can use beyond playtime.

A review of The Learning Center of South Park by a grateful parent says, “Trust is key when looking for a daycare to watch over a child; we all know and have heard the horror stories behind some daycare mishaps. Rest assured, at TLC, the staff, and the owners have earned my trust. I have the utmost gratitude towards my experiences there, and can sincerely say that it has been worthwhile for us and our child as he has made significant progress with regard to learning. If you are looking for a top-notch, trustworthy, daycare, The Learning Center of South Park is your go-to destination.”

Parents who are still of two minds about picking the right preschool for their children can check out an article from The Learning Center of South Park for more information by heading over to the link: 5 Tips On How To Find Best Preschools In Orlando The Learning Center of South Park.


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