Orlando Junk Car Buyer Purchases an Arjes VZ 950 Titan from RPM Crushers and Screeners

All Car Buys, a company based in Orlando, FL, that buys junk cars, has announced that they have recently bought an Arjes VZ 950 Titan from RPM Crushers and Screeners, also a local Florida company. They purchased the machine for a contract they acquired to process salvaged shipping containers and tractor trailers. They now use the machine to shred their vehicles. The Arjes VZ 950 Titan machine utilizes shredders that have been equipped with adaptive technology to process various kinds of materials. It uses two kinds of shafts, which are the metal shafts and paddle shafts, to shred materials.

The Arjes VZ 950 Titan machine has five key parts. These are the reversing fan, belt magnet, shredding unit, drive /control unit, and tracks. The reversing fan provides maximum air circulation to ensure optimized power and minimize dust in the engine compartment. The belt magnet is a strong permanent magnet with discharge in material direction for use in ferrous separation, which is optional. The shredding unit consists of a high-volume hopper and dual shaft system with a quick-change cassette. The drive / control unit is a Volvo Penta engine with about 768 hp, equipped with a central control unit with multi display. The machine is also equipped with tracks to ensure high maneuverability on difficult terrain.

The Arjes VZ 950 Titan machine also has a quick-change cassette for its shaft system, side combs that are hydraulically adjustable, and shredding programs for hybrid shaft control. The quick-change cassette enables easy assembly or disassembly of shafts in just one hour. This offers the benefit of better maintenance, refurbishment, and change of shafts that require less stops during operation. The side combs can be hydraulically adjusted to regulate the final material size. Also, the position of the combs will control the time that the material will spend in the shredding chamber. The machine is also provided with pre-set shredding programs to regulate the shaft movement for the materials currently being processed.

Laz, a spokesperson for All Car Buys, says, “We are happy to announce with our purchase of the Arjes shredding machine that we expect to significantly boost the efficiency of our operations. This will help us improve our services, such as the purchase of junk cars where we always offer a fair price for the car and then tow it away for free. Our goal is to get you the most money for your vehicle and pick it up at your convenience. We're open late, 7 days a week. Since we're local, we don't have the huge overhead or operating expense in comparison to a nationwide business and we can offer you more money for your junk car. Give us a call and receive your free estimate.” Those who are interested in knowing more about the company can view the company Facebook page.

Those who want to request a quote to sell a junk car can visit the All Car Buys website or contact them on the phone or through email.


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