Origins Genealogy Publishes Guide to Finding One’s Biological Mother

Salt Lake City, October 19, 2021——Genetic genealogy company Origins International (D.B.A. Origins Genealogy) announced the publication of an article about finding one’s birth mother on their website. Aimed at adults who were products of a closed adoption, it addresses many common concerns adoptees have, and also outlines steps they can take to locate their biological mother.

“Many adult adoptees, especially those in their thirties, forties, and fifties,” explains Origins co-founder Jenny Wallentine, “came from closed adoptions and don’t know how to go about searching for their biological mother.”

Additionally, many adoptees have questions and doubts surrounding their quest: for example, whether they are doing the right thing for searching for their biological mother at all, what they should call her when they find her, and whether she will welcome a reunion or rebuff them.

Jenny Wallentine, co-founder of Origins Genealogy, reunites with her birth mother

“It’s a fraught process,” notes Wallentine, herself an adoptee who found her birth mother as an adult, but one with more happy endings than otherwise. “In my case, I’m very glad I found my birth mom, and most of our customers report a similar experience.”

Origins Genealogy refrains from telling customers which path—to search or not to search—is right for them. “Each person has to arrive at that answer on their own,” explains Wallentine. “We’re just here to guide and support them when they’re ready.”

For adult adoptees ready to seek out their birth moms, the Origins article recommends obtaining copies of the adoption records and the original birth certificate. The requirements for obtaining this information vary by state in the United States. They suggest that adoptees contact the State Registrar or Office of Vital Statistics in their state of birth.

The article also details how adoptees can search for their birth mothers on social media sites, as well as the process of using a genealogical DNA test to get answers.

Interested readers can access the “How to Find My Birth Mother” guide at

About Origins Genealogy: Origins Genealogy is a genetic genealogy company specializing in helping adult adoptees identify and connect with their biological parents, siblings, and other genetically related family members. All services include footnoted research, a full report, a digital pedigree chart, and a document file containing full-sized copies of publications and records. Contact Origins at 801-500-0900 or for additional information.

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