Origins Genealogy Helps Find Adopted Siblings

SALT LAKE CITY—Professional genealogy company Origins International (D.B.A. Origins Genealogy) published a guide to finding an adopted sibling for those who might have a biological brother or sister whom they recently learned about.

While the company is known for finding birth parents for its clients—usually adult adoptees—the sibling location service is invaluable for many. “When it comes to closed adoptions,” notes founder Jenny Wallentine, herself an adult adoptee, “everyone thinks about the urge to find one’s biological parents.”

What the general public is less aware of, Wallentine says, are the sibling separations caused by adoption. “Whether you’re the one who was adopted, or you had a sibling given up for adoption by your mother before you were born,” says Wallentine, “there are so many different situations where biological siblings grow up unaware of one another.”

Origins Genealogy helps find adopted siblings

Once a person becomes aware that they have a biological sibling out there in the world, says Wallentine, the urge to connect with him or her usually becomes compelling enough that the person will want to take action at some point.

The Origins guide, published at, instructs readers on eight steps they can take to connect with their biological brother or sister, including searching adoption registries, finding allies amongst relatives aware of the adoption, using social media, and taking a DNA test.

Ultimately, the guide concludes, readers may want to enlist the help of a professional genetic genealogy firm to fast-track their efforts—or to break through the proverbial brick wall that rears itself in many such quests. “We always hope that folks can find their family members on their own,” Wallentine explains, “but the truth is, often they can’t. Or, it takes them so many thousands of hours of research that they can’t properly see the process through.”

For readers interested in locating and connecting with a long-lost biological sibling, Origins can often accomplish in weeks what an average person might take years to do…if they succeed at all.

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