Origins Genealogy Compares Top DNA Tests: 23andMe vs. Ancestry

Salt Lake City, September 13, 2021—Genetic genealogy company Origins International (D.B.A. Origins Genealogy) announced publication of a comparison article that helps genealogy buffs choose between the top 2 at-home DNA tests: the 23andMe DNA test and the AncestryDNA® test.

Author Jenny Wallentine, co-founder of Origins Genealogy, compares the 2 leading DNA tests across a variety of metrics, including price, accuracy, and ease-of-use. The comparison also includes 2 other DNA testing services: MyHeritage and Living DNA.

In the matchup of Ancestry vs 23andMe, the article concludes that the two share more similarities than differences, though differences do exist. Ultimately, Ancestry is a genealogy company, so its genealogical DNA test is the best in the world at identifying genetic matches via its massive genealogical database—the largest in the world. 23andMe, in contrast, is a biotech company with a strong focus on health biomarkers (though they have a very robust genealogical component as well).

The comparison concludes by recommending Ancestry for someone primarily interested in genealogy, and 23andMe for someone primarily interested in health and genetic indicators of disease.

Origins Genealogy uses the Ancestry DNA test for its customers, given the AncestryDNA® test is the only test accepted by’s online genealogical database. However, Origins does upload the Ancestry DNA results to a variety of other online genealogy databases that accept AncestryDNA® results.

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