Oregon Plumbing Service Releases Tips To Avoid Frozen Pipes This Winter

Hillsboro Oregon plumbing site DR Plumbing Hillsboro recently released a series of blog posts highlighting several ways on how homeowners can winter-proof their plumbing in the coming winter months. Since the temperatures are starting to drop to almost freezing in most parts of the country, the number of people calling about their plumbing going haywire due to freezing has since increased as well. This urged the website to come out with a line of blog posts outlining some steps that homeowners can take to avoid plumbing problems this winter.

In this specific article, the site said the following about how avoiding frozen pipes is one of the most important things homeowners can do this winter, “Protecting vulnerable plumbing pipes from freezing winter weather can dramatically reduce the risk of water pipes breaking and flooding homes. Frozen pipes create high pressure within the pipe and prevent water from flowing. Good plumbing services can detect signs of pipe freeze. An early sign of pipe freeze is when there is no water flowing when a tap is turned on. If the pipe breaks, homeowners must repair it as soon as possible to prevent further damage to properties.” As stated by the site, frozen pipes could cause pressure to build up in the pipes and cause a catastrophic series of events that could take an entire plumbing system out of commission.

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As for the things that homeowners can do to protect their pipes, the site cited 2 main tips, namely foresight and insulation and while these may seem like obvious things when paying pipes, a surprising amount of people have either forgot to think about these things or even actively neglected them in hopes to save a few dollars on installation costs. However, repair costs, not to mention the inconvenience, that come with having to deal with repairs every year often leads to more costs in the long run.

“If homeowners have experienced a frozen pipe in their home this past winter, work with a specialist to lay the pipe for future frost prevention. First of all, people should learn more about what happens to pipes when they freeze and how to deal with frozen or burst pipes at home. If people take precautions to prevent their pipes from freezing, pay particular attention in these areas for next winter.” The site said when asked how homeowners can prevent pipe freeze by contacting their local plumbing professionals. For jobs like those, the best course of action would always be contacting professionals since if people did these repairs by themselves without the proper knowledge or equipment, they could cause more damage instead of fixing the problem.

“To get ahead of the icy weather, start by insulating exposed pipes properly and preparing them for the winter season. Learning more about what you can do to avoid frozen pipes can make the winter season more enjoyable and stress-free,” says the site. Another thing that the site did is to list common mistakes that people might be doing when installing their pipes. Mistakes include mismatching threaded fittings, skipping primer, forgetting to back-hold, using a dull tubing cutter and heating the solder, not the copper. A lot of these mistakes are due to lack of experience and knowledge in pipe laying. While people can certainly make the argument that they can learn these things themselves, professional services exist for a reason. That reason is for seasons like this where specialty equipment and techniques are required to properly do the job. The site urges its readers to contact their local plumbing professionals to avoid frozen pipes this winter and make it the most hassle-free holidays yet.


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