Oregon City Tree Service Posts Blog with Helpful Lawn Fertilization Tips & Tricks

DR Trees Oregon City has just added a new blog post to their website. This newly posted article contains information that includes some helpful lawn fertilization tips & tricks. They did this because trees make up only a portion of a landscape that needs to stay healthy. When a lawn is fertilized, trees will also share in this plant nutrient feast. This is just one of the many blogs this Oregon City tree service has posted that gives tips on how to keep trees and other landscape greenery healthy.

A company representative, George Hill, says, “We know that many of our customers take pride in all aspects of their yards and not just their trees. As experienced tree professionals, we also realize that many tree care tasks such as trimming benefit overall landscape health, and many lawn care maintenance steps also benefit trees. That’s why any time we can post advice on a yard maintenance task that benefits overall landscape health, we will do it. We will continue to post blogs that will give our customers the information that they need to help keep their trees and other landscape plants as healthy as possible.”

In the newly posted blog, it commenced by saying that the lawn fertilization tips & tricks that someone is about to read is advice that comes from seasoned landscaping professionals. These tips and tricks are designed to keep yards looking good, healthy, and in a condition where they benefit the environment. It also went on to say that the most important step when fertilizing a lawn is picking out the right type of fertilizer. The article stated it’s especially important to find a fertilizer that contains a lot of slow-release nitrogen because it ensures that the nutrients are fed into a lawn evenly over a longer period of time. According to the new post, it’s very important too not to overfertilize when applying nutrients to a lawn. This can result in grasses and other plants growing too fast or turning brown. Reading the label is a must to learn how any fertilizer is best applied.

In the new blog, it was also discussed why it’s important to add fertilizer at the right time of year. In the Oregon City, Oregon area, this would be in the early spring or during the fall months. Those who are about to spread fertilizer were also cautioned against spreading it in such a wide area that the fertilizer ends up on walkways and driveways where it does no good. The new blog concluded by saying that it never is a bad idea to trust science in determining what fertilizer to add to the soil and how much. This can be accomplished by a homeowner taking a soil sample to a local lawn & garden center to be analyzed.

Hill stated that they also try to help their customers in other ways besides just posting informational blogs. This includes offering them a wide variety of essential tree services. One of DR Trees Oregon City’s most important tree care services is tree trimming. That’s because it not only helps keep the trees in a landscape looking great but also promotes overall tree and landscape health. He says tree trimming accomplishes this because as the foliage on trees becomes less, this allows beneficial moisture, sunlight, and air to reach the interiors of trees and also get to the plants on the ground below them. The company spokesman also talked about how they have the knowledge and equipment necessary to safely remove trees and completely get rid of the stumps where those trees once stood. He says they are quick to respond when someone experiences a tree emergency as a result of a strong storm or another unpredictable event. Their emergency tree services are available 24/7, 365. For those that would like to see more articles like this new blog post or get more information on the services that DR Trees Oregon City offers, they can refer to the company website.


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