Orange California Personal Injury Attorney Helps Clients Obtain Workers Compensation

California residents in search of a personal injury lawyer in Orange county will be pleased to know Napolin Accident Injury Lawyer offers legal representation to those seeking compensation in cases involving personal injury. The firm has a team of highly qualified legal practitioners who are ready, willing and able to fight for the rights of victims of anything from auto accidents to workplace injuries in California. Learn more here: Personal Injury Lawyer Orange.

In California, Workers Compensation is a no fault benefits system, which means that workers can recover Workers Compensation benefits for injuries sustained while working regardless of whether or not the employer caused the injury through negligence.

“All the employee must prove is that the injury happened in the course and scope of their employment duties,” says Napolin Accident Injury Lawyer. “This is unlike the tort of negligence where the injured party must prove that their injury resulted from another person or entity's negligent act. Even when an employee injures themselves through no fault of their employer, that employee is entitled to benefits under California Workers Compensation law. The employee does not have to prove negligence, which is a major element in personal injury cases that must always be shown before an injured party can recover. By broadening the scope of who can claim benefits, the amount of claims significantly increases. In exchange for this no fault system, the amount of compensation available to injured workers is significantly decreased.”

It does, however, take a skilled lawyer to prove that the victim was injured while performing their duties as an employee. If one is injured in a vehicle accident or sustains a work injury, it is important to get in touch with an experienced, highly qualified lawyer who can offer advice on what the next step should be. Often, those without access to the relevant knowledge may not even be aware that they have a right to claim compensation (or how to go about claiming it), which is where the services of a personal injury attorney come in. With the help of the legal team at Napolin Accident Injury Lawyer, victims of work accidents can approach their employers and be confident that they will receive the compensation they deserve. Learn more here: Workers Compensation Attorney Orange.

Napolin is the number one ranked Orange County attorney and has represented dozens of victims of personal injury, auto accidents and workplace injuries. The firm also has a great deal of experience with wrongful death and multi-plaintiff litigation. They offer free consultations that clients can make use of to get an expert opinion before deciding what to do next.

The Orange County personal injury firm has received a number of excellent reviews on Google. One client, Mark Singh, says about his experience with the firm, “Very helpful. The consultation was free. Knowledgeable, professional accident attorneys. Very nice people. Integrity is very important to me. If you need a solid law firm on your side, this is the place. Alex, with Diana and Roxana, gave me excellent service. They got me a max payout. They referred me to the best chiropractor in Orange County, Dr. Raymond Salvatore. I just wanted to thank everyone that helped me.”

Another client, Pippa Lee, shares, “Had Napolin help me with a car accident that I had last year. This office represented me and my family, and we couldn't be happier with the result and the communication throughout the process. We are so blessed to have found this team and highly recommend them to friends and family. Thank you for all of your help with our case! I recommend them to you for a car accident or other personal injury or work injury.”

The firm is headed by Alexander Napolin, a top personal injury lawyer who uses proven methodology to help his clients assert their claims against insurance companies. His approach has produced positive results for dozens of clients over the years, and one can be sure that Napolin and his team will produce results. His track record of success and commitment to ensuring the very best for his clients make him one of the best choices for Orange County residents facing a personal injury case. Find out more here: Work Injury Lawyer Orange California.


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