Ontario Workers Compensation Lawyer Alexander Napolin Offering Services In Southern California

Alexander Napolin, an Ontario Workers Compensation Lawyer, is offering his services in Southern California in and around Orange County, San Bernardino County, Los Angeles County, Riverside County, and Inland Empire. He is a 100% plaintiff-side personal injury lawyer which means that he never defends any insurance companies.

The lawyer’s firm has a No Win, No Fee policy. This means that the plaintiff won't have to pay any California injury attorney fees or costs unless their case is a success.
Alexander Napolin says, “No hidden fees, no hidden terms, I promise.” His notable cases include Sanchez v. Children's Dental Group and Spencer v. Stephen Paddock and MGM Resorts.

Ontario Inland Empire Accident Injury Lawyer

Napolin is a born native of Orange County. He graduated from Troy High School and completed California State University, Fullerton in 2008 when he received two B.A. degrees, in American Studies and Business Administration. He earned his law degree from Pepperdine University School of Law in Malibu, California. His chosen areas of practice are Accidents And Injuries, Car Accidents, Personal Injury, Torts And Personal Injuries, and Workers' Compensation.

Alexander Napolin says, “I’m one of the top Ontario Wrongful Death Lawyers. I’m dedicated to helping people with injuries of all magnitudes. I work alongside the best trial lawyers on various cases involving catastrophic personal injury and wrongful death. If you are injured and need help, then you should submit your case for review with Napolin APC, my professional corporation.”

California has a safety net for all matters of worker’s compensation. The State has established an administrative law court known as the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board (or WCAB) to hear disputes over claims administration, compensation, and benefits. Alexander claims that the system is not doing what it was intended to do when benefits are cut short or reduced, doctor visits are denied, treatment requests are denied, doctors refuse to treat all body parts, and legitimate injuries are refused.

California Worker’s Comp. is actually a state-regulated insurance coverage system that is aimed at paying for health care costs as well as lost income for employees who have been injured on the job or even experienced work-related health issues. Cases are generally handled in different ways depending on the type and seriousness of the employee's injuries. Individuals may recover some lost pay, health care costs, disability benefits, and charges related to treatment as well as obtain re-training. This program is run through the State, as well as funded with required workplace benefits. The law allows employees to specific benefits any time injuries occur on the job or if they have sustained an accident coming from a situation involving their job.

All businesses have to offer employee insurance coverage as a result of the code, for those realistic requirements, every worker should be covered. An individual has the right to employee payment benefits for the loss of time or medical bills if they’ve been hurt relating to their employment or workplace.

Alexander adds, “The insurance company has major firepower on their side in terms of financial and legal resources, and they will use it against you to cut down your benefits in the name of corporate profits. To combat their shameful tactics, we fight inside and outside of the courtroom using our mastery of the claims process and our strong litigation skills. Those who have been hurt at work need all that they can get so that they can recover and be back on their feet. I can help you reclaim your life. So if you are looking for an Auto Accident Attorney Inland Empire, Orange County, San Bernardino County, Los Angeles County, or Riverside County, look no further than Alexander Napolin.”

The firm’s website claims that an experienced workers compensation law attorney can help make sure that the worker gets what they are entitled to receive under the Labor Code and applicable Regulations (Rules that further define how claims are to be handled). The firm claims to hire experienced and compassionate attorneys who advocate for those suffering from job accidents and illnesses by filing the applications for adjudication at the WCAB. The firm says their cases are taken on a contingency fee arrangement so that no costs of suit or attorney fees are due upfront. When the firm is brought on board, they immediately take over the claims process and begin implementing a strategy that aligns with the individualized goals of the client.


For a free case evaluation, individuals can call at 909-962-8415 where they will speak directly with attorney Alexander D. Napolin, about their legal claim.


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