Ontario Personal Injury Lawyer Keeps Community In Touch With Their Rights

Ontario, CA based Napolin Accident Injury Lawyer is encouraging victims of workplace accidents to speak to a legal professional to learn what their rights are and how they may pursue compensation. In many cases, an employer or their insurer may seek to minimize the extent of the damages and direct the employee to accept compensation that is well below what they are owed. With an attorney’s help, however, they can be sure to have all their needs taken care of.

As an Ontario personal injury lawyer, Alexander D. Napolin has worked with a great number of clients. His experience is extensive, and he has witnessed the victims of workplace accidents get taken advantage of on many occasions over the course of his career. One notorious example, he says, is where an insurer may swiftly offer a settlement that appears to be quite large, hoping that the victim will fail to take their eventual medical bills, lost wages and so on into account before deciding to accept. These expenses can easily add up and exceed the amount offered, even if it seems to be sizable at first glance.

Ontario Personal Injury Lawyer

Such strategies, while distasteful, may be quite legal, which means the victims’ only recourse is to have a legal expert on their side as well. This expert will recognize when an unfair offer is made — and they will know how to pursue the true amount the victim is due for their injury and suffering.

Napolin touches on much of this in a response to a client’s review on the Google platform. He says, “It's important to speak with a lawyer as soon after an injury as possible. Preferably a personal injury attorney in your area who can provide further guidance. Even if we cannot offer representation, callers receive free and confidential feedback about their accident injury claim. Having this experience is invaluable to anyone seeking wisdom to help them along their path. I am currently concentrating my efforts on personal injury litigation relating to automobile accidents to correct safety concerns of the community. If you are the victim of an auto accident, be sure to call me as soon as possible to get needed feedback!”

Napolin is also an accomplished Ontario car accident lawyer who represents clients who get injured on the road (as drivers, passengers, pedestrians and so on). As with worker’s compensation cases, insurers will often attempt to downplay the seriousness of any injuries. This can lead the victim to mistakenly believe they are not owed as much compensation, especially if their injuries are not readily apparent.

In car accidents, even those that occur at relatively low speeds, victims can be subject to enormous forces that place a great deal of strain on their bodies (even if they do not notice the negative effects immediately). Scratches, bruises, broken bones and so on are easy to spot, but the firm explains that ‘invisible’ issues such as whiplash can just as easily take a heavy toll on a victim, both in their ability to work and their quality of life. As such, the firm’s recommendation is always for an individual in this situation to seek legal advice from an expert before accepting any offers from insurers or other parties.

Clients who have taken this advice and consulted with Napolin Accident Injury Lawyer have generally benefited greatly as a result. This is evident in the majority of the reviews the firm receives online, which are exceedingly positive. Trishna P. shares in their Google review, “Alexander Napolin was a great attorney and was always very attentive. Everyone was great from the beginning to the end. They listened. They stayed in contact and answered all my questions. Totally recommend you call and talk to them. Promptly answered all my questions and worked hard to get me a fair settlement. Would use him again without question.”

Most people who get into an accident, be it at work, on the road or anywhere else, are unlikely to be familiar with the law enough to understand what kind of compensation they are entitled to as a result. Since injuries can have life-changing consequences, the firm always advises their community to do everything in their power to seek as much compensation as possible since this will go a long way to mitigate the damage. However, they have the best chance of being awarded an appropriate settlement when they have a trustworthy accident attorney by their side.

Fortunately, Napolin Accident Injury Lawyer is pleased to offer their aid in this regard. Learn more about the firm and how they serve the community’s best interests at the following link: Workers Compensation Attorney Inland Empire.


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