Ontario California's Personal Injury Lawyers Offer No Win No Fee Promise

Napolin Accident Injury Lawyer, a firm in Ontario, CA, wants to inform personal injury victims that they are offering a no win no fee promise. This means that clients will not be paying any attorney fees or costs unless the specific case has been a success. There will be no hidden terms nor hidden fees. This is a true contingency fee where the clients don’t have to pay their lawyer anything up front, and only pay if the case is successful. When they decide to hire a personal injury lawyer Ontario California residents will in all likelihood agree to pay the attorney on a contingency fee. However, Napolin Accident Injury Lawyers makes an additional promise, which is the No Fee Promise, which means that they promise never to require clients to come out of pocket. This means that all lawyer fees and costs will be forgiven in the event that the case is not successful.

Alexander D. Napolin, founder of Napolin Accident Injury Lawyer, says, “If you are hurt in an accident, you need to speak with the best Ontario California accident injury lawyer. The insurance company of the person who hurt you is not on your side. Do not listen to the advice of the insurance adjuster. And you really have nothing to lose because of our No Fee Promise. We get paid only if you win your case. In the unfortunate event that you don’t receive any compensation, we won’t charge you anything.”

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It is the reality of life that injuries from accidents do happen. But if they do, they can impose a heavy financial burden on the victims and/or their loved ones. Aside from the pain and suffering that victims need to endure, they will likely be unable to go to work for a certain period of time. Plus, there will be doctor’s fees and hospital bills. Knowing that accident victims are usually in a financial bind, the auto injury attorney Souther California residents can rely on is offering a true contingency fee arrangement where clients don’t have to pay anything out of their pockets for the legal representation.

Meanwhile, choosing an accident injury law firm with a track record of success is vital. However, it is important to note that a firm’s success on previous cases and length of existence are not sufficient to ensure the success of a particular case. There are many other factors that will determine whether the case will be successful. These include: the correct evaluation of the case and the timely prosecution of the case in a way that it will enhance the client’s overall well-being. That is why Napolin Accident Injury Lawyer will be focusing on the client and not on how the much the firm has collected for others.

Napolin Accident Injury Lawyer is focused on several practice areas. These include: accident injuries; car accidents; employment law; bankruptcy law; product liability; personal injury; torts and injuries; medical malpractice;and workers’ compensation law. Accident injuries are not just about car accidents. Accident injuries can happen in the blink of an eye due to the negligence of a third party. For such situations, the injured party has the legal right to seek damages for those injuries under California state law. Victims are entitled to compensation as a way to help them cover lost wages, medical costs, and other damages.

Established in 2011, Napolin Accident Injury Lawyer has grown into a well-balanced California law firm that specializes in accident injury cases. The firm has nurtured a good reputation as a result of the successes that their clients were able to achieve when founder Alexander D. Napolin applied his unique philosophy and method for their case. After 10 years, the firm has developed a long track record of success for thousands of personal injury cases.

When in search for Ontario California's personal injury lawyers, people can check out the Napolin Accident Injury Lawyer website, or contact them on the telephone or through email. They are open from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, from Monday to Friday.


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