Online Users Can Make Money With Surveys

Valencia, California -

Las Vegas, NV based PrizeRebel is reaching out to share how people can make money by participating in online surveys. The company has been hosting and running such paid surveys for more than a decade, and their goal is to connect market researchers with people who are ready to share their opinions and experiences while getting paid to do so. Since this may be an unfamiliar area for many people, the company encourages all those interested to read further before coming to a decision. They are confident that many will see that this system has nothing but benefits for all those involved.

“PrizeRebel is a free to use survey panel,” the company explains, “that was started in 2007 in sunny California with the goal of connecting market researchers and opinion survey takers like yourself! We are trusted by over 12 million registered users globally and have paid out over $20 million dollars in rewards to our loyal members. Our goal is to provide you with consistent extra income where you can take paid surveys from the comforts of your home or when you are on a quick break from your school or work.”

As many will already be aware, advertising and market research is itself a massive industry that virtually every other industry takes part in. Prior to the launch of a product or service, for instance, a great deal of research is committed by large and small entities alike to determine how best to introduce it to customers. The goal of this research is to ensure profits are as high as possible. In turn, this means that many corporations and businesses are willing to invest heavily in practices that result in accurate data points.

PrizeRebel realized that the simplest way to acquire this information was to ask the target demographic directly. Since in-person focus tests can be both costly and time-consuming to set up, online surveys offer many businesses the ability to promptly seek feedback on virtually any topic related to their product. They are also willing to pay for this feedback, and this is how PrizeRebel’s users are paid. The company is active on a number of social media platforms, and they regularly share updates on their community.

Upon signing up, users will have to fill in a short questionnaire that helps the company figure out which topics they are most suitable to take free paid surveys on. PrizeRebel’s partners regularly submit surveys on a staggering number of subjects and interests, so it is very likely that every user will quickly be able to participate in surveys on subjects they are familiar with. The company assured their community that this is also the only information being sold (the answers in each survey). The information submitted in the questionnaire is used exclusively to support the platform’s matchmaking algorithm (which connects them with the right surveys), and PrizeRebel guarantees that it will never be marketed or sold under any circumstances.

Those with PayPal can redeem points for cash that is sent directly to their account. Alternatively, users may prefer to request gift cards from the company, redeemable at many large brands. PrizeRebel offers gift cards for Gap, Walmart, CVS, Nike and more. Gamers may be pleased to learn that they can redeem cards for Xbox Live, PS Plus and Steam. All they have to do is sign up today and start taking surveys. While this cannot replace a full-time job, many will be able to supplement their income for very little effort. PrizeRebel’s website offers many testimonials from happy users who have already used their earnings to purchase shoes, computer monitors and more.

The company encourages their community to read more on their website and other articles related on how to make money with surveys before deciding whether they wish to participate in this opportunity. Those interested are similarly welcome to direct their inquiries to Jerry Han of PrizeRebel. The company and their representatives are eager to share their insight and help more people understand the full scope of what they are offering.


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