Online Supplier of Insurance Covered Baby Formulas Talks About Why It’s So Important for Them to Carry Premature Baby Formula

Insurance Covered Baby Formula is one of the largest online suppliers of baby formulas in America. They not only carry a large variety of more traditional baby formulas but make it a point of emphasis to carry many specialty types of baby formulas too. This includes giving mothers the ability to select a quality Premature Baby Formula that will meet their early-arriving infant’s special nutritional needs. As their name implies, many times the premature baby formula that they sell is fully or partially covered by at least one of the parent’s health insurance plans.

The company realizes that many mothers of premature babies turn to breastfeeding as the main way to feed their babies. This is never a bad choice because breast milk contains nutrients that are thought to do such things as help a premature baby avoid dry skin issues and lessen the chance of sudden infant death syndrome. It’s also thought to help prevent medical issues later on in life such as obesity and diabetes. Breastfeeding even is thought to have benefits for the mother too. Studies tend to show that mothers who breastfeed their babies have less chance of developing breast and ovarian cancers. While doctors admit that breastfeeding is often the preferred choice for premature babies, many preemies cannot breastfeed, use feeding tubes, or require additional nutrients that breast milk does not contain. Fortunately, there are quality premature baby formula’s available.

A representative of the company says, “Unfortunately, not all babies are carried to full term before they decide to join us in the world. More than we would like to think. Due to the miracles of modern medicine, the survival rate of premature babies has become very high even after just 20 – 26 weeks in the womb. The effects of them being born early often leave these babies unable to breastfeed or with special nutritional needs. That’s why we here at Insurance Covered Baby Formula have seen to it that we carry the most doctor-recommended premature baby formula that’s made.”

The brand of premature baby formula that the company carries is Enfamil’s EnfaCare NeuroPro - Milk-based, 22 Cal discharge formula. It can also be used for full-term babies that have a lower than ideal birthweight. According to the company representative, this premature baby formula that they carry is a very good one. This is because it includes a much higher calorie count than is found in more traditional baby formulas. It supplies a hefty 22 calories in each ounce of formula. This is to help preemies put on healthy weight faster and increase their chances of survival and lessen health risks later on in their lives too. She says that other key traits of their premature baby formula include having a healthy amount of protein, essential DHA for brain and eye development, Lutein to support eye health, and important vitamin E to support cell development. Shipping is always free on their premature baby formulas too.

The company says they can get this special premature baby formula covered by one of the parent’s health providers a majority of the time. Parents who are curious to see if their insurance provider covers premature baby formula can go to the page on their website that’s titled ‘Am I Covered’. Inputting the state of residency and a health care provider into this form often yields a quick yes or no answer for the parents. They can also speak to one of the company’s online insurance specialists. She says since all these phone agents do all day long is help parents get their baby formula needs to be covered by their insurance carrier, they are extremely good at it. They can also answer any questions that parents have about the premature baby formula that they carry. For those that are interested in learning more about this company’s premature or other baby formulas, they can call them or fill out the contact form that’s found on their website.


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