Online Lead Generation Expert Krysti Horwitz to Participate at 3rd Annual BBB Industrious Women's Summit

Online Visibility Pros, based in Phoenix, AZ, is pleased to announce that co-owner and CMO Krysti Horwitz will be participating at the "3rd Annual BBB Industrious Women's Summit" taking place on August 21, 2020. She will be one of three women in an expert panel that will be discussing “Behavior. Strategy. Marketing in The Digital Age." She is a search marketing expert, Internet marketing consultant, paid advertising expert and a certified digital marketer.

The 3rd Annual BBB Industrious Women's Summit will be a one-day virtual event that will feature more than 30 expert speakers, three inspiring keynote experiences, and a virtual happy hour. Topics to be discussed include best practices, leadership skills, and knowledge about running a business in industries that are traditionally male-dominated. The event is sponsored by Sunflower Bank, N.A. [Bronze Sponsor] & Digital Air Strike [Copper Sponsor].

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Online Visibility Pros is a certified digital marketing firm that focuses on providing online lead generation services to contractors, home services businesses, and construction companies. As such, they are able to help these businesses obtain the power to leverage the Internet to produce a steady flow of targeted online leads. This is done with the help of their DIY resources and done-for-the-client services.

The services offered by the company co-founded by online lead generation expert Krysti Horwitz include: Maxx PPC™, a certified PPC search and retargeting ad management service; Maxx SEO™, a certified search engine optimization campaigns service; Maxx Email™, an award-winning email newsletter marketing service; Maxx Blogger™, a service that provides professional blog posts for the client’s website and guest posts; Maxx Content™, a service designed to turn top content into infographics, videos and more; Maxx Websites™, a website management and development service; Maxx Reviews™, a simple automated review management software; and Maxx Lead Gen™, an exclusive lead generation service (limited spots available).

Maxx PPC™ is capable of driving targeted traffic to the client’s website through pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, while allowing clients to maximize their ROI. It should be noted that a significant percentage of a client’s potential customers who are looking for products and services online will click on paid ads. Online Visibility Pros PPC specialists will develop a customized strategy for driving high quality traffic and exclusive leads to the website.

Maxx SEO™ is managed by the company’s certified SEO expert team with more than a decade of SEO experience. They are up-to-date with the rapidly changing SEO updates and can ensure clients that the best, long-term SEO strategy will be created for them.

Maxx Email™ will allow for the creation of a direct communication channel between the business and its customers and prospects through an award-winning email newsletter service. Some of the important features of this service include: a branded newsletter template that is tailored to the client’s website; consistent connection with customers through email; customized email introductions in the client’s voice; and monthly performance reports and meetings.

Maxx Blogger™ is a fully managed blog writing service for the creation of effective custom blog posts for service businesses written to attract target customers, boost SEO performance, and increase website traffic. It offers a solution for businesses who require highly targeted blog marketing campaigns.

Those who are looking for the services of a lead generation expert may want to check out the Online Visibility Pros website, or contact them on the phone, or through email. Those who want to know more about the virtual event can visit the Industrious Women's Summit website at


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