One of the Leading Tree Companies Near Me in Beavercreek Ohio Gets Another Five Star Review

Joel's Pro Tree Service, a tree services company based in Beavercreek, Ohio, has announced with pride that they have received another five-star review. The company offers tree trimming, pruning and removal services for both residential and commercial clients in Beavercreek and neighboring areas. They have been receiving mostly five-star reviews, which is evidenced by their overall rating of 4.9 stars on Google after more than 150 reviews. The latest five-star review was from Pam S. who was very happy with how the team had efficiently removed a tree and trimmed three others without causing any harm to the flower gardens.

In her five-star review, Pam S. said, “Joel and his team came out at 4:00 in the afternoon and finished at 7:00 PM. They removed one tree and trimmed three others. All the team knew what job they had to do and they did them very well. Flower gardens were not harmed and cleanup was great. Would definitely recommend and will use again. Great company.”


Joel from Joel's Pro Tree Service responds, “We’re very happy and proud to have received yet another five-star review. This is because it means that we are doing our jobs properly and we are accomplishing our goal of providing excellent customer service, ensuring that the client’s home and garden or yard will not be negatively affected by the tree removal or tree trimming or pruning service.” In a recent press release, the company had announced their offer of same week tree service in Beavercreek. Those who want to learn more about this can check out the previous release here.

A primary service provided by Joel's Pro Tree Service is tree removal for various reasons. The most common reason for the need to have a tree removed is a tree damaged caused by a storm, including hail-damage and lightning-damaged trees. Or a tree may have died or has been badly damaged by disease. Or it may have been pushed by strong winds and is now leaning on the roof of the home or it is now lying down in the yard. For all such cases, it is important to have the tree removed by a professional tree services company.

For those who have roof leak or a hole in their roof that may be due to a fallen tree or branch, Joel’s Pro Tree Services is also capable of taking care of such problems. They offer emergency roof tarp installation to make sure that water and other things will not get through the hole and get inside the home.

Joel's Pro Tree Service can provide crane assisted tree removal, which is capable of handling the removal of even large and massive trees. And for those cases where there are tree stumps left in the yard from a previous tree removal project, they offer stump removal and not simply stump grinding. Stump removal includes the elimination of the tree roots, instead of just grinding the stump.

They can also provide tree trimming or pruning services that includes shrubs. Trees and shrubs that have not been trimmed will usually look misshapen and overgrown. The problem is that trees and shrubs tend to grow asymmetrically, which means that if left to grow untrimmed, they will soon become asymmetrical and unbalanced, which can be a safety hazard. The tree company has certified tree arborists who can determine the kind of corrective trimming or pruning that is required for healthy plant growth and for the safety of the people and the home.

They can also provide deep root feeding for trees whose growth have noticeably slowed down and the leaves are starting to become yellow. They will inject into the soil near the roots a special mixture of tree nutrients, which will not just provide the proper nourishment but can also make the tree less susceptible to parasites and diseases.

Those who are interested in the latest Beavercreek tree service review may want to check out the Google Maps page of Joel's Pro Tree Service. Those want to know more about their services provided may want to check out their website, or contact them on the phone, or through email. They can be contacted 24 hours a day, from Monday to Saturday.


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