One of the Leading Plastic Surgeons in Miami Gets Another Five Star Review

The Plastic Surgeon Miami, a cosmetic surgery clinic in Miami, Florida, led by Dr. Ramiro Morales, is proud to announce that they have received another five-star review from a very satisfied patient. Dr. Morales and his team of plastic surgeons are ready to provide various kinds of cosmetic procedures to improve patients’ appearance, proportion, and symmetry. Such procedures include breast augmentation, facelift, and the tummy tuck. Those who require cosmetic surgery in Miami for the head, neck, or any other parts of the body, can rely on the cosmetic surgeons at The Plastic Surgeon Miami.

In the five-star review on Google, Silvia U. said, “Many people had referred me to Dr. Morales, but as many other I wanted to get other opinions before making a decision in electing a doctor. By far I can tell you that choosing Dr. Morales has been the best decision I could possibly made, since my initial consultation he showed me not only patience, care and dedication, but also knowledge in his field. I'm super happy with my results and I recommend him to all of the people who is interesting in having a cosmetic surgery. Him and his staff are just an awesome team.”

Breast augmentation is for women who want to possess breasts that they believe have a more attractive size and shape. The procedure has a lot of challenges and requires precision, which is why not all cosmetic surgeons are able to perform it properly. If done correctly, it can offer several advantages, such as increasing the size of the breasts, providing a remedy for hanging breasts, lifting of the breasts, adjusting the size of the breasts to make them equal, correcting the reduction in breast size after pregnancy or a major weight loss, and adjusting the shape of the breasts.

Breast augmentation is usually performed by inserting breast implants, which may either be silicone or saline. The choice of implant to be used will depend on a number of factors and these will have to threshed out with the patient through a consultation. This will make sure that the implant used is really suitable for the body type and age of the patient. When looking for plastic surgeons Miami residents can take a look at The Plastic Surgeon Miami and find out if they have the specific cosmetic surgery, they are interested in.

Meanwhile, the facelift is for those who have to have a younger appearance. Such a procedure is designed to eliminate any visible signs of aging from the face and neck area resulting in a softer, smoother, and younger appearance. The incision for a facelift is made above the hairline and then traces the natural line behind the earlobe and in front of the ear. Next, the skin is separated from fat and muscle, after which, any unwanted fatty deposits are removed and the muscles are tightened. The cosmetic surgeon will then put back the skin and remove any excess.

The tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is for people with a stomach that they consider to be too fat and unattractive. The procedure entails getting rid of any excess fat and skin within and around the abdomen. The cosmetic surgeon will also restore or separate any weakened muscles. To perform the procedure, the surgeon lifts the skin to allow the repair of underlying abdominal muscles. After that, the surgeon tightens the skin over the abdomen, sutures it close, and then dresses it with skin adhesives. Those who get a tummy tuck can expect an ideally proportionate abdomen that matches their body type weight. However, the tummy tuck can’t be recommended for people who are planning to lose a substantial amount of weight or are expecting to become pregnant. This is because the skin may simply get back to its previous sagging condition.

Those who want to know more about the cosmetic surgery procedures available in Miami may want to check out the website of The Plastic Surgeon Miami at or contact them through the telephone or via email. The clinic is open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, from Monday to Friday.


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