On Point Dumpster Rental Now Offers Affordable Dumpster Rentals in Lake Wylie, SC

On Point Dumpster Rental wishes to let homeowners, businesses, local contractors, and anyone looking for affordable waste management solutions. They now offer low-cost dumpster rentals in Lake Wylie, SC, and surrounding areas.

Adam Truesdale, the company's CEO, stated the following, "On Point Dumpster Rental is proud to be the leading dumpster service for the Lake Wylie community. Our customers expect prompt dumpster delivery and pick-up services at affordable dumpster rental costs. Our company is pleased to assist the entire Lake Wylie community with their waste management needs and concerns."

Dumpster Rental Lake Wylie SC

On Point Dumpster Rental is a waste management company that also services other cities in South Carolina, including Rock Hill, York, Clover, Chester, Richburg, Winnsboro, Fort Lawn, Carlisle, Lancaster, and surrounding areas. Information on their website shows that customers located further outside the various cities tech company's services sometimes have to pay extra in distance surcharges depending on the distance of their location from the nearest service area radius. Mr. Truesdale also mentioned that they are not limited to their service area and that they often deliver rental dumpsters to customers outside their service radius when requested.

On Point Dumpster Rental offers two dumpster options for customers. They offer 15-yard dumpster rentals and 20-yard dumpster rentals whose capacities they describe as being able to haul approximately six pick-up truckloads and eight pick-up truckloads of unwanted waste or junk, respectively. They have different rental periods, and their charges depend on the size of the container that a customer chooses to rent and the rental period they select.

The roll-off container's weight limit depends on a customer's rental period. On Point Dumpster Rental charges customers $285 to rent a 15-yard dumpster for a 24-hour rental, $325 to rent a 15-yard dumpster for a 2-day rental period, and $375 for a 15-yard dumpster for 1-7 days. The same 15-yard container has a 1-ton weight limit when rented for 24-hours, a 1.5 tons weight limit for a 2-day rental, and a 2-ton eight limit for a 1-7 day rental period. Customers can also adjust their 2-day and 7-day rental periods and use the 15-yard container for longer at an additional $10 per day for days after the 2-day rental and $5 per day for days after the 1-7 day rental period, respectively.

The dumpster rental costs for the 20-yard dumpster rental follow the same pattern, with customers getting the 20-yard dumpster at $375 for a 2-day rental period and $425 for a 1-7 day rental period. Customers can also adjust their rental periods and use their containers for longer at an additional $5 per day for the 1-7 day rental and $10 per day for the 2-day rental, respectively. Similarly, the weight allowance of their 20-yard dumpster rental varies at 1.5-tons for a 2-day rental and 2-tons for a 7-day rental. They have a standard $60 per ton overage charge for any extra weight loaded on any of their rental dumpsters.

On Point Dumpster Rental enjoys a 5-Star rating across various platforms, including Google. They have also received many positive reviews as a reliable dumpster rental company with friendly and reliable service and affordable pricing. Most of the reviewers recommend the company's services, with others mentioning that they would rent roll-off containers from them again in the future.

Anyone looking for affordable dumpster rentals in Lake Wylie, SC, can find more information about the services offered at On Point Dumpster Rental or any other information about the company by visiting their website at https://www.onpointdumpsterrental.com/dumpster-rental-lake-wylie-sc/.


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