Omaha Massage and Healing Arts Emerges Following Rebrand

NE based Omaha Massage and Healing Arts, previously known as Downtown Omaha Massage, is pleased to announce that they have moved to a new location as part of their rebranding efforts. The move has been necessitated by the spa’s rapid growth, having started with one treatment room to having an entire suite of treatment rooms at their new location. They believe that this is an opportunity to start over in another area of Omaha — and an opportunity to buy the property where they do business as opposed to renting. The spa now has more than ten therapists who all offer the highest caliber of treatments available in Omaha.

Regarding the name change, the spa says, “Some of the words from our previous name are now in our current name, and we just knew that we needed to move locations. We were no longer going to be downtown and because the Omaha Healing Arts Center was so sacred and such a big part of our lives, we wanted to honor that in some way. So, bringing healing arts into our new name kind of brings our past into our present, while keeping the peace in what we are doing to move forward. . It always stays at the forefront of knowing where we came from and knowing how much progress we have made. Given how much healing we have done, we are proud to just continue that legacy going forward.”

Omaha Massage and Healing Arts, as the name suggests, offers a variety of massages. A massage is the manipulation of Fascia(or tissue) in order to achieve a certain result. By manipulating muscles and joints, it is possible to relieve tension and pain in the body or to balance an individual and help them feel more grounded. They believe that a spa is a place to rest and digest and rejuvenate one’s mind, body and soul. Omaha Massage and Healing Arts strives to provide an environment where this is possible. The second part of the spa’s name, ‘Healing Arts,’ refers to different types of offerings or arts that have a physical, emotional or spiritual component to them.

What makes Omaha Massage and Healing Arts different from other spas in the area is their commitment to offering a unique, relaxing experience to each and every client. Massages are generally very relaxing, but at the O.M.A.H.A. spa they work to ensure that every aspect of the process of getting a massage is easy, comfortable and transformative. Getting in contact with the team is as easy as visiting their website or sending a text, and getting an excellent massage or spa treatment is as easy as making an appointment.

The spa’s commitment to offering massage therapy services has earned them a number of excellent reviews from pleased clients. Debbie D. shares in their review: “My husband and I live in Lincoln and always make a point to come here when we do date nights in Omaha. We have tried several therapists and always had a great experience! Once I was pregnant and they had an amazing pregnancy table that was so comfy! Consistent great massages and super relaxing environment!”

Natalie T also says, “I have so far experienced 2 incredibly therapeutic and enjoyable massages from Sophie, and they felt life changing. I am a massage therapist myself, and I’ve had many massages in the last 25 years, but I consider myself lucky to have found someone who could help me release the tension, emotions and chronic pain trapped in my body. I look forward to my next visit, and I now think of Sophie as a member of my personal healing team. Recommended most highly 👍👍!”

Visit for more information. Their team can also be reached via text, phone or email.


For more information about Omaha Massage and Healing Arts, contact the company here:

Omaha Massage and Healing Arts
Tara Zinn
(402) 212-4520
661 N 50th St Omaha, NE 68132