Omaha Financial Provider Bravafi Is Providing Its Services To Residents Impacted By COVID-19

Financial services provider Bravafi has been helping many people in the Omaha area that were seriously impacted financially by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The company offers a range of services that are a perfect match for those who have a vehicle and are looking to leverage it to get much-needed funds to take care of unexpected last-minute expenses. Readers can visit Bravafi on its website to find out more about what it offers.

The largest city in Nebraska and the seat of Douglas County, Omaha is the 7th largest city in the Midwest. Douglas County has confirmed around 94000 cases of the coronavirus since the start of the pandemic. The county has also recorded around 860 deaths. The number of daily cases remained stable throughout most of 2020 and hit its peak in November 2020. The number of cases then bottomed out in June 2021 and then slowly began rising again in August 2021. In November 2021, the Omaha World-Herald reported that Nebraska had the nation’s fifth-highest percentage increase in COVID cases, leading to a surge in hospital occupancy rates in the Omaha metro area. On November 22, 2021, the CDC along with the Douglas County Health Department (DCHD) approved booster shots for anyone over 18 who had received the full dosage of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine, in a bid to combat the growing number of coronavirus cases in the state.

Since the start of the pandemic, state and county officials responded quickly to the growing threat of the pandemic by enforcing the needed mandates, orders, and regulations to ease the transition to the temporary new normal. The state and county’s many businesses, charities, healthcare providers, and hospitality industries were supported generously by several pandemic relief grants from the federal government along with proactive action from the state government’s officials. As early as mid-March 2020, Governor Ricketts had issued an executive order to loosen unemployment insurance eligibility requirements, issued an executive order to provide relief to restaurants and bars, and requested emergency funding for COVID-19. By 2021, print and online media were noting how Nebraska’s economy had been recovering with remarkable consistency and had fared better than other more prominent state economies in the country such as California.

Though there have been focused attempts at strengthening recovery and the state’s economic outlook is mostly positive, it would be unwise to think that the strong recovery numbers posted by the state translate directly to relief for the city and county’s financially over-encumbered residents. Despite the overall performance of the state’s economy, many individuals and families felt left behind as they struggled to make ends meet during the toughest times of the pandemic. Bravafi - Omaha has been helping a number of such households that make up the city’s most vulnerable population get a new lease on life through its financial services. The company’s services are offered at low and competitive rates that have been welcomed by the company’s many satisfied customers.

The company boasts of a smooth and seamless application process that can be finished in as soon as 15 minutes. Once the applicant fills in the relevant information about their vehicle in an online form, the company verifies it and asks for further information such as ID, driver’s license, proof of income (minimum $1500 per month), and the title of the car. Funds are delivered by cash, check, or deposit, usually within 24 hours. The company can provide up to $50,000 for qualified applicants, even if they have a sub-optimal credit score.

A spokesperson for the company talks about its mission to help those who are suffering from the effects of the once-in-a-lifetime pandemic by saying, “You would be surprised at just how many people the pandemic has negatively impacted financially. Many are running dry on savings and any emergency funds they once had no problem growing. We are here to help those in need, even if their credit is less than perfect.”

Readers can go here to read reviews of the service that Bravafi - Omaha provides and get the relevant contact information or they can call the company for inquiries directly using the phone number (531) 710-5875.


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