Oliver & Weidner LLC Offers Personal Injury Attorney Services in Clarkesville

Oliver & Weidner LLC, a law firm based in Clarkesville, GA, is offering personal injury attorney services in Clarksville and neighboring areas. Personal injuries are usually caused by the negligent act of another person or entity. The injuries may range from minor to life-threatening. Under such circumstances, the individual who was injured has the right to receive compensation under the law. A good personal injury attorney will help personal injury victims with all of their problems, allowing them to concentrate on recovering from their injuries.

Jim Weidner, an attorney at Oliver & Weidner LLC, says, “Since the firm’s inception, we have closed over $1,930,000,000.00 in real estate transactions; and the firm, either solely or as co-counsel, has settled or successfully tried to a jury verdict litigation matters in excess of $64,000,000.00 all of which was fully collected and paid to our clients. The firm has over 125 years of legal experience and we practice in all levels of federal and state court systems throughout Georgia, including the Supreme Court of the United States. Please allow us to use that experience to help you.”

There are a number of situations where personal injuries may happen. These include: medical malpractice, defective equipment, unsafe medications, slip and fall, animal attacks, work-related injuries, vehicle or pedestrian accidents, nursing home abuse, unsafe premises security, and birth related injuries.

Oliver & Weidner LLC recommends that personal injury victims follow certain guidelines so that they may receive assistance in receiving the appropriate medical care and future compensation. These include reporting the incident to the proper authorities; seeking medical attention as soon as possible; writing down a detailed description of what happened as soon as possible while the incident is still fresh in their mind; and consulting with a personal injury attorney for legal advice.

The incidents will need to be reported to the appropriate authorities depending on what category of personal injury it falls under. For instance, incidents that happened at work should be reported to the proper personnel so that the necessary documentation can be made regarding the event and Worker’s Compensation can be notified. Incidents that occurred outside of work should be reported to the person who is in charge of the property or building. Public accidents, such as auto accidents and animal attacks, have to be reported to the sheriff.

It is also important for victims to seek medical treatment immediately to ensure that their welfare and health are protected first. It is also advisable for victims to ensure that they follow all of the instructions from the physician. And it is a great idea to write down the details of what happened as early as possible while these are still fresh in the victim’s mind. And if there are any witnesses, their contact information must be obtained whenever possible.

And most important of all, victims need to consult with a personal injury lawyer who will be responsible for helping them get all the benefits to which they are entitled to as a result of the injury, for instance, continued medical care until they recover. Every injury, depending on the type, severity, and the impact on the victim’s health and quality of life will have various forms and amounts of compensation to which the injured party is entitled to.

Aside from personal injury, Oliver & Weidner LLC also offers assistance in several practice areas. These include: adoption, civil litigation, contracts, corporate/business law, criminal litigation and DUI, divorce, estate planning, family law, real estate, and wrongful death.

William R. Oliver, one of the attorneys at law at Oliver & Weidner, earned his juris doctorate from Western Carolina School of Law in 1981 and was admitted to the State Bar of Georgia in 1981. He established his sole practice in 1987 and he currently focuses on criminal law, civil litigation, personal injury, domestic relations, and wrongful death.

Jim Weidner graduated cum laude from the State University of New York at Buffalo in 1982 with degrees in History and Political Science. And he obtained his law degree from Georgia State University’s College of Law in 1987. He focuses his practice in residential and commercial real estate; adoptions; business and commercial litigation; estate planning, wills, trusts, powers of attorney; and personal injury and wrongful death litigation.

When requiring the services of a personal injury attorney Clarkesville residents can check out the Oliver & Weidner LLC website, or contact them on the phone or through email.


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