Okaloosa County Criminal Defense Attorneys Are Offering Spring Breakers Legal Counsel

Fort Walton Beach, Florida -

Fort Walton Beach law firm ASG Legal’s criminal defense team comprising of Jay Patel & Tim Shaw says that it is ready to defend spring breakers who might have gotten into mischief during vacation and could use some much-needed counsel to help navigate the legal system. Readers can click to view the company Facebook page to find out more about the legal services that the local law firm offers.

Traveling south for spring break has been enshrined as a popular American collegiate tradition for several decades now. 53% of millennials aged 18-34 say that they will travel for spring break according to a joint study from TripAdvisor, Viator, and Offers.com. Destin is an especially popular destination for spring breakers as the allure of white sand beaches and thriving nightlife makes college students flock to the Sunshine State in droves. Once the revelers arrive in the region, whether it be peer pressure or the intoxicating party atmosphere fueled by copious amounts of alcohol and, in some cases, illicit drugs, some tend to get swept up in the excitement and make poor choices that can haunt them for the rest of their lives.

Underage drinking is one of the most common crimes during spring break. The local Sheriff’s Office is cognizant of the increased number of offenders who will take the opportunity to consume alcohol under the legal drinking age, and the individual can end up taken to jail and charged with a second-degree misdemeanor resulting in a $500 fine, license suspension, or jail time, depending on the circumstances. Underage drinking can also lead to a multitude of other poor choices including illicit drug use, DUI, and disorderly conduct charges. All of which have their own set of consequences that can be a nightmare in court.

ASG Legal says that it can assist with fighting these charges in the Okaloosa and Walton County areas of Florida. The law firm’s team has decades of experience representing clients in judge trials and jury trials in all types of criminal cases ranging from misdemeanors to complex capital felonies. The law firm’s criminal defense team comprises Jay Patel and Timothy W. Shaw, both of whom have shown exemplary performance in handling, underage drinking, DUIs, and all traffic offenses over their illustrious careers. Jay Patel is a former prosecutor and law enforcement officer with the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office where he spent almost four years prosecuting thousands of crimes ranging from misdemeanors to felonies punishable by life. Tim Shaw has 30 years of experience representing clients in all State and Federal courts throughout Northwest Florida.

Jay Patel comments on the law firm’s services for vacationers arriving in Florida by saying, “Destin spring breakers have been known to indulge in outrageous shenanigans that can be often funny and entertaining. However, in some cases, the joke can get out of hand and there can be real consequences to one person’s poor decision-making. The laws put in place to prevent public intoxication, underage drinking, drug use and driving while under the influence are meant to protect the hard-working and innocent residents of the state. However, though these are serious offenses, it does not mean that if one is caught in the legal throes that their life is over. We defend you through the toughest legal battles by presenting your case in its most compelling form to the judge and jury regardless of the outcome of your actions. If you are caught in a legal dispute in the Destin or 30A areas during spring break, you can contact ASG Legal to make sure that the humble mistake during your vacation time doesn’t turn into an unending nightmare with far-reaching consequences.”

The law firm can be contacted at the phone number (850) 863-4064 or through a quick contact form on its website. Its office is located at 909 Mar Walt Dr # 1014, Fort Walton Beach, FL 32547.


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