Office Plants Provider Discusses This Year’s National Indoor Plant Week

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Pensacola, Fla. — As an office plant provider in Pensacola, FL, the month of September is exciting for Heroman Plant Services because it contains National Indoor Plant Week. Of course, Heroman celebrates indoor plants 52 weeks of the year, but Indoor Plant Week is a week for everyone to celebrate the colorful, living décor that livens up rooms everywhere!

The third week of September marks National Indoor Plant Week each year. That means this year, it took place from September 19 to September 25. Indoor Plant Week is about being thankful for the plants in office buildings, lobbies, homes, various businesses, and any other indoor space where the people inside can enjoy the living décor and all the benefits it brings, but it is also about education.

Not everyone is aware of how wonderful indoor plants can be for the health of those in the vicinity – they are more than just décor. Bringing foliage into the home or business has been shown to lower the risk of illness, increase positive moods and clean the air in the room. In fact, according to research, plants in the hospital can actually help with the patient’s healing process.

Heroman Plant Services has a few tips to offer regarding how people can celebrate Indoor Plant Week: invest in another indoor plant or two that are different than any other plant they already own, take a plant class, or research how to improve their plant care tactics, and most importantly, let others know about the benefits of indoor plants by sharing their indoor plant celebrations on social media. For those who did not celebrate this year, there is always next year.

Heroman Services Plant Company is a sixth-generation, family-owned company that has practiced Horticulture since 1838. Their team of experts has ample experience in keeping plants healthy and looking beautiful to liven up any room. They offer plant rental and upkeep services for offices, business spaces, lobbies, special events and more. To learn more about Heroman Services Plant Company or to discuss a plant rental service, give them a call at (850) 936-6969, or visit their website at


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