Office Freedom Facilitates Search for Serviced Offices for Rent and More Despite Rising Vacancy Rates

Office Freedom, a company based in London, UK, wants to point out that they continue to offer their service to businesses who are looking for an office space in various cities in 150 countries all over the world. This is in spite of the rising office vacancy rates, which means there are more choices and rental prices are decreasing, making it basically a tenant’s market. This is because they offer a personalized service as expert property consultants for free. They are not a faceless comparison website where site visitors simply compare rental rates. They have a friendly team of expert and experienced property consultants who can do away with the hassle of looking for the appropriate office space. Furthermore, they also serve the needs of freelancers and mobile workers who have been increasing in number.

Richard Smith, founder and CEO of Office Freedom, says, “You will find all kinds of office space in one place, whether it is flex space, serviced, or coworking. With our website and the help of our professional property consultants, you can easily search and compare the entire market. We'll help you make a shortlist, and we can arrange the tours and secure real
savings on list price. You can search our site or you can call us - our service is free.”

With the coronavirus pandemic causing a new normal where more employees are working from home and the delayed recovery of businesses due to the Delta variant, it is indeed a tenant’s market when it comes to office spaces, and even for retail spaces. There are indications that the office market is improving but trends in office use have dampened any positive forecasts. This means lower office rent and landlords much easier to negotiate with. This does not mean, however, that business owners will no longer need the help of property consultants.

Meanwhile, it is important to note that this trend is affecting all markets although some areas are more affected than others. For instance, Denver and New York appear to have suffered the most when it comes to the reduction of demand for office spaces. This means that businesses hoping to move to these cities will find it easier as office space for rent in NYC and in Denver are likely to be more affordable. Meanwhile, the property consultants at Office Freedom will be able to give good advice as to the best possible choices for a particular business.

It should be noted that serviced office spaces may just be the kind of office space that is in demand in the current market. These are fully-equipped and furnished office spaces that are being offered as pay-as-you-use offices and are found in a building that is managed by an operator. Such office spaces offer flexibility that businesses need in view of the changing business environment. This allows them to easily adjust the office space that they use as the business expands or contracts, whatever the case may be.

Furthermore, as previously mentioned, with the number of freelancers on the rise as a result of the pandemic, Office Freedom can offer advice on available coworking spaces and other office spaces that are most suitable for them, depending on the work they do and other factors. And despite the rise in office vacancy rates, property owners are also finding ways to cope with the issue, for instance, by offering their office spaces either as coworking spaces or flexible workspaces or serviced offices.

Companies may want to pursue the use of flexible office spaces not just to be more adaptable to the quickly changing business environment but also to enhance the productivity of their workers because they have more options when and where they will work. This results into happier employees as they are able to pursue a better and healthier work-life balance.

Those who are interested in serviced office space in London or in other cities can check out the Office Freedom website, or contact them on the phone or through email.


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