Office Cleaning Sydney Specialists Discuss How to Initiate Getting a Cleaning Contact with Them

Clean Group Sydney is widely regarded as being one of the best office cleaning Sydney services. It’s something that has made their office cleaning services become very in demand. That’s also why regional operations manager, Stephen Matthews, wanted to talk more about how businesses can go about establishing an office cleaning contract with them. Those companies that sign an office cleaning contract with them will be getting cleaning services from one of the most trusted cleaning companies in the Sydney area.

Matthews says, “We always work hard to excel at the cleaning services that we offer and combine that with exceptional customer service. It’s something that we feel is the reason why we keep consistently growing our business each year. Due to the increased demand for our office cleaning and other services, we thought it would be a good idea to discuss in more detail about how we go about establishing a cleaning contract with a Sydney area business.”

The regional operations manager went on to say that there are three main ways that a Sydney business can make initial contact with them to enquire about their office cleaning services. This includes making a simple phone call that will quickly be transferred to a knowledgeable staff member or by sending them an email to get a quick response back from a Clean Group Sydney representative. He added that another popular way for businesses to establish first contact with them to inquire about their office cleaning Sydney services is to fill out the ‘Free Onsite Quote’ form that’s found on their website’s homepage. Matthews continued by saying that this initial contact will usually lead to a prospective client scheduling a free on-site commercial cleaning assessment with them.

During this scheduled on-site commercial cleaning assessment, Matthews stated there are a few things that they do to help establish an effective office cleaning plan with a business. The first things they will discuss during an office cleaning assessment are the inquiring company’s commercial cleaning needs, the project scope, and the expectations they have of the office cleaning services that will be done for them. Their company representative will also take a look at the office areas within a company that the inquiring business is interested in having Clean Group Sydney clean for them. During the on-site assessment, Clean Group Sydney’s experienced representative will also make themselves aware of the variables that need to be considered to make an impactful cleaning plan for the inquiring company. According to the regional operations manager, they will then present the inquiring business various options for how their new office cleaning service can be set up. This includes discussing with that client their preferred choice of cleaning times and establishing a frequency for which their office cleaning services need to be undertaken. He stated that all of this is done to make a commercial client’s office cleaning service as convenient and effective as possible for them.

Once an office cleaning contract has been put in place, the company will then go about showing the new client exactly why their cleaning services are rated so highly by those businesses that have used them. The regional operations manager indicated that a big part of this is the fact that their cleaning crews are well-trained and are led by veteran cleaning professionals. They also use state-of-the-art cleaning equipment such as I-mop scrubbers, electrostatic sprayers, antimicrobial mop heads, and high-quality microfiber cleaning cloths. He also mentioned that the cleaning chemicals that Clean Group Sydney uses are environmentally friendly and leave behind no harmful residue.

Mathews added, “Our company takes pride in providing businesses with one of the best office cleaning service experiences that can be had in all of Australia. We are here to offer your business a staff of experienced, friendly, reliable, and trustworthy professionals, who take great pleasure in satisfying all of your office and other commercial cleaning needs. All of our office and commercial cleaning work is also 100% satisfaction guaranteed.”


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