Office Cleaning Melbourne Company Busts Myths Related to Commercial Cleaning Industry

Clean Group, a premier office cleaning agency based in Melbourne ( ), busts the various myths regarding the office & commercial cleaning industry of Australia. Being in the business for nearly 20 years, Clean Group has the experience and knowledge to help their clients understand the facts from myths in order to enjoy the best quality cleaning services always. The company CEO, Suji Siv, here answers the common questions of clients while busting the myths surrounding the industry.

“Are you worried about the common myths related to office cleaning companies when looking to hire one for your business in Melbourne? Take it from someone who has good experience in this industry - finding a good, reliable cleaner is not easy. But, it’s possible if you know the right way and can differentiate facts from myths. And I’m here to help you with that,” says Suji Siv.

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One of the most common myths about office cleaning Melbourne is that professional office cleaners are way too expensive for small businesses. “This is not at all true,” says Suji. “Of course, an experienced cleaner will charge a reasonable fee for providing a good quality cleaning service. But, in no way that service or fee is out of one’s budget. There are many cleaning companies in Australia that provide great quality services at competitive prices. Clean Group is one of them.”

So, this busts the myth that professional office cleaning is expensive and can only be afforded by big organizations & enterprises. Clean Group provides its top-notch cleaning services to all kinds of local businesses, offices, malls, warehouses, schools, etc. in Melbourne at very reasonable prices. In fact, most of their clients are small & medium businesses with not so big cleaning budgets.

“If one analysis carefully, they will find that professional office cleaning is actually less expensive than using in-house cleaners or doing it yourself, which can be a very complex & time-consuming affair and can only give average results. Professional cleaners Melbourne, on the other hand, will always guarantee the best results and will only charge a fixed rate for their service. So, it’s only fair to say that experienced office cleaners are not only affordable but also worth the time and money.”

Another myth that is commonly circulated about cleaning companies is that their office cleaning services are not flexible. For instance, offices may need their cleaners to do their cleaning work after or before office hours so as not to disturb the routine operations. “Again, this is not completely true, at least not for all office cleaning companies in Melbourne,” says Siv. “Clean Group is one of the most flexible office cleaning service providers in the region, providing cleaning services 24 hours, 7 days a week. As a reputable office cleaning company, we understand the privacy needs of offices and therefore are always willing to provide services as per the preferred schedules of our clients, including after or before office hours as well as on weekends.”

The fact is that many cleaning companies in Melbourne are now adapting their offerings to provide customized services to meet the specific requirements of their clients. The key is to find the right office cleaning company that is flexible enough to customize its offerings to meet the client’s needs. As a client, one should clearly explain their requirements and expectations before signing up with a cleaning company, so that they don’t have to regret later. Read the following article on Clean Group Melbourne services

One more myth or false statement that is often said about office cleaning Melbourne companies is that they use third-party cleaners. “This can be true for some cleaning companies, but not for all,” explains Suji Siv. “Clean Group, for instance, never uses third-party cleaners or outsources to other companies. We have our own team of 50+ expert and highly trained cleaners who are trusted by our clients to deliver excellent cleaning results. And we’ll never betray our clients’ trust.”

Only a few small or very low-priced companies that do not have in-house teams use third-party cleaners. Hiring such a cleaning company for office cleaning is not at all recommended, as the cleaners they use are non-professional, inexperienced people who cannot be trusted to do a good job in a safe manner. One thing that can be said for sure is that no professional cleaning company in Melbourne uses third-party cleaners. Clean Group, for example, has its own in-house cleaning staff of people who are professional & certified cleaners and have been trained in the company’s safe & results-driven cleaning practices.

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