Office Cleaning Commercial Cleaning Sydney Uses The Safest COVID-19 Cleaning Technology For Australian Businesses

Office Cleaning Commercial Cleaning Sydney, a leading provider of premier commercial cleaning & office cleaning services in Australia, has been found using the safest & most advanced COVID-19 cleaning technologies available to businesses. The company now provides COVID-safe commercial cleaning services to a large variety of premises all over Sydney.

With the new strains of coronavirus emerging frequently, the pandemic is far from over. Many Sydney businesses are struggling hard to ensure the safety of their workers & customers amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 Cleaning Technology by Office Cleaning

This has given a boost to the demand for expert & qualified COVID cleaners. Office Cleaning Commercial Cleaning Sydney is actively catering to the COVID cleaning needs of local businesses in Sydney through the company’s innovative tech-driven cleaning solutions.

“Keeping your business premises clean and sanitized is the only way to ensure 100% safety of your people. If you care about your customers & employees, make sure to hire expert COVID cleaning services from our company at the best price in the market. Our cleaners come prepared with the best-in-class cleaning tools & technologies to deliver outstanding results for your property cleaning needs. Contact us today,” says the company owner and CEO.

Office Cleaning Commercial Cleaning Sydney is reportedly one of the first cleaning companies in Sydney to use the much-acclaimed Electrostatic Disinfection technology for COVID cleaning & disinfection.

The said technology involves the use of an electrostatic sprayer gun along with a high-quality sanitiser solution that can kill up to 99.99% of germs and provide up to 30 days of protection when used right. The mechanism involves showering electronically charged sanitiser solution on the infected surface such that the solution particles instantly reach and cover the entire surface, including corners, and provide all-round protection.

Besides the disinfection cleaning technology, the company also follows a number of safety practices in its cleaning to avoid cross-contamination and ensure great results for each job. For one, they use colour-coded cloths and buckets for the cleaning of separate places to avoid cross-contamination.

The products & tools used for the cleaning of bathrooms or toilets are separate from the ones dedicated to kitchen cleaning. The different colours make it easy to identify cloths meant for different cleaning uses and avoid confusion.

The microfiber cleaning cloths their cleaners use are very effective in absorbing moisture and cleaning a wide range of germs from the surface with just one wipe. These self-sustainable wiping cloths also reduce the use of water and chemicals in cleaning up to a great extent.

Other than that, Office Cleaning Commercial Cleaning Sydney uses many state-of-the-art cleaning equipment & tools, including the I-Mop floor scrubber, which is a kind of smaller & more flexible version of the industrial scrubber. It comes with a powerful machine attached with twin counter-rotating brushes for deep scrubbing of all kinds of hard floors and a flexible handle-based control system to effectively clean even the hard-to-reach places like corners and under the furniture. The advanced suction technology of the I-Mop can automatically extract all of the water and liquid solution from the surface, making it dry instantly.

Office Cleaning Commercial Cleaning Sydney now provides COVID-safe commercial cleaning services to all types of businesses in Australia, including offices, gyms, care centres, schools, malls and others. They basically guarantee results through the company’s 100% satisfaction guarantee, which allows customers to request a FREE fix if they are not happy with the service provided. In such a case, the client can directly contact the support team of the company to file a service complaint, upon analysis of which the team will fix the problem.

As one of the oldest and leading commercial cleaning service providers in Sydney, Office Cleaning Commercial Cleaning Sydney understands and provides customised cleaning solutions according to the unique needs of Australian businesses. The company has successfully served hundreds of businesses all over the city with their routine cleaning and one-off cleaning needs.

It’s trusted by major corporations like OPIE, the Sapphire Group, and Ovato for the regular cleaning of their premises in Sydney. At the same time, the cost-effective cleaning packages of the company make it the number one choice for routine cleaning of hundreds of small business premises throughout Sydney and nearby suburbs.

Local businesses in Sydney looking for the safest COVID-19 cleaning partner for their premises can contact Office Cleaning Commercial Cleaning Sydney for a free quote.


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