Office Cleaning Commercial Cleaning Sydney Explains the Important of Commercial Cleaning In the Post COVID-19 World

Office Cleaning Commercial Cleaning Sydney, a leading and one of the most popular commercial cleaning service providers in Sydney, has declared that they are seeing a boost in the demand for expert commercial cleaning services & disinfection cleaners.

“The way business owners perceive cleaning has changed a lot following the pandemic. It’s now more critical than ever to perform routine cleaning of your commercial places as well as disinfect frequent use areas if you care about the safety of your people. A lot has changed since last year, and it’s imperative that office owners & managers understand the importance and significance of changing commercial cleaning practices,” said the company spokesperson.

Commercial Cleaning Sydney

As businesses and commercial places like offices are looking to re-open after the COVID lockdown, it is more important than ever that the workplaces are cleaned and disinfected regularly and to a high standard.

This is where commercial cleaning companies come in. With their innovative commercial cleaning services & solutions, Companies like Office Cleaning Commercial Cleaning Sydney have been helping businesses stay afloat while ensuring the safety of their workers and clients in the post-pandemic world.

As one of the fastest-growing commercial cleaning service providers in Sydney, Office Cleaning Commercial Cleaning Sydney has the knowledge, experience and resources to consistently deliver the best quality office cleaning services to the company clients throughout Sydney and nearby suburbs.

In fact, the company has already successfully completed hundreds of cleaning projects for offices, warehouses, schools, clubs, gyms, etc. across the city and has a collective experience of more than 20 years in the cleaning of a large variety of commercial facilities.

With the COVID-19 virus around, businesses have somewhat become more aware of their management responsibilities. The increasing demand for COVID cleaners is proof of that. Still, there are workplaces and offices in Sydney that are not being cleaned or disinfected regularly and properly or employ inexperienced cleaners who are not able to disinfect for the coronavirus.

“Many of the properties we have cleaned in the past some months were in very poor condition, cleaning-wise, and in dire need of cleaning. Not many property owners we have come across were aware of the meaning or purpose of disinfection. So, we had to explain to them everything, including why disinfection is important for offices, especially after the COVID pandemic.”

Nevertheless, the cleaning company has made some of the biggest deals this year. Their demand surged through the roof because of the pandemic and recently they launched a branch in Canberra to help local clients there.

So, it’s safe to say that business owners around the country are becoming more aware of the importance of keeping their workspaces clean and maintaining hygiene. They are even looking to hire professional cleaning companies to help disinfect their premises and maintain proper hygiene. This has boosted the demand for the best commercial cleaners in the market.

“With our company having the most experience in disinfection cleaning and the best tools & cleaners for the job, we are the no. 1 choice for hundreds of Sydney businesses looking for these services in the post-COVID scenarios.”

Over the past year, Office Cleaning Commercial Cleaning Sydney has upgraded both its services and the team to continue meeting the changing cleaning industry needs & expectations. The biggest upgrade was the addition of the COVID disinfection cleaning services. “We now have a dedicated team to handle the disinfection cleaning of our client's offices throughout Sydney.” The company now offers disinfection as standard with all its office cleaning & commercial cleaning packages.

The basic disinfection service of Office Cleaning Commercial Cleaning Sydney covers the disinfection of only high-touch areas and objects like doorknobs, lift buttons, light switches, phone receivers, toilet seats, etc. The company also offers dedicated COVID cleaning & disinfection service which covers advanced cleaning followed by complete disinfection of the entire place.

“The COVID disinfection service is particularly recommended for businesses that are afraid about the safety of their workers when looking to re-open premises after the pandemic.”

All the company cleaners are insured, police-checked and licensed to offer quality cleaning services to commercial clients in Sydney.

Businesses looking to hire a professional commercial cleaning team for their routine or one-off cleaning needs can visit the website to request a free quote.


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