Office Cleaning Commercial Cleaning Sydney Cleaners Introduces In-Depth Strata Cleaning Services

Office Cleaning Commercial Cleaning Sydney is a Sydney-based commercial cleaning company that provides cleaning services all across the city. The company is currently offering cleaning services to more than local businesses in hundreds of suburbs of Sydney. The company's major works include routine cleaning as well as occasional cleaning services as per the plan chosen by the customer. They have an additional division of cleaning i.e strata cleaning where they clean bigger buildings of commercial facilities at pocket-friendly rates. Beyond that, the company provides regular office cleaning, medical cleaning, school cleaning, childcare cleaning, and other related services.

The owner of the company said, “We have invested a substantial amount to buy the latest cleaning equipment, and our upgrading journey has not stopped just yet, as we will be constantly improving our technology and the equipment as per the latest norms in the market. We also pay attention to our manpower and their working efficiency. We have experienced & certified professionals who are very well known & trusted in this industry. We invite businesses who are looking for cleaning services for their office or any other commercial places to contact & request free quotes from Office Cleaning Commercial Cleaning Sydney.”

Strata Cleaning Services

Office Cleaning Commercial Cleaning Sydney uses eco-friendly solutions for cleaning so as to save the environment. Also, the equipment quality is so effective that it gives the best cleaning results for every surface. Strata buildings are high-rise buildings or apartments. Routine cleaning of such large buildings is very important, but only an experienced starta cleaner can properly understand the cleaning requirements and provide the desired cleaning results for such properties. The Office Cleaning Commercial Cleaning Sydney company already has such experienced technicians who provide effective cleaning results for strata premises.

The Office Cleaning Commercial Cleaning Sydney has two decades of cleaning experience in the field of commercial cleaning, which is one of the reasons that people opt for their cleaning services. The company owns 50+ full-time, trained & expert cleaners, experienced in providing effective cleaning and support services. The company is also engaged in providing services to hospitals, retail stores, offices, warehouses, malls, schools, daycare centres, colleges, gyms, etc. in Sydney’s 100+ suburbs.

Office Cleaning Commercial Cleaning Sydney aims to help businesses get rid of bacteria, germs, and dust along with viruses such as COVID-19 from their premises. The company also offers instant cleaning services, where it provides on-demand services like same-day cleaning, outdoor cleaning, garden cleaning & maintenance, and pressure cleaning.

Office Cleaning Commercial Cleaning Sydney is a reputable company known all around Sydney for its policy to use green and non-toxic cleaning solutions and services. Viraclean is a cleaning solution used by the company for removing germs and viruses. This is an eco-friendly solution and ensures the complete safety of people & the environment, even if the cleaning operation is implemented in the presence of workers.

The cleaners of Office Cleaning Commercial Cleaning Sydney have significant experience in cleaning high-rise buildings, among others. They use high-quality cleaning machines, including the I-mop cleaner for cleaning sticky floors and unapproachable areas, and microfibre cloths for effective dusting and cleaning of strata windows, doors, furniture, and other areas. The objective of the microfibre cloths is to clean the dirt and dust along with the moisture. Moreover, they utilize cleaning mops that are made from antibacterial microfibres so as to completely remove dust and dirt from the floors.

Office Cleaning Commercial Cleaning Sydney’s trained & experienced technicians provide quality cleaning services which consist of advanced cleaning of strata premises plus garden cleaning & maintenance, body corporate cleaning, and COVID disinfection and sanitizing.

Office Cleaning Commercial Cleaning Sydney provides strata cleaning services, including scrubbing, cleaning and mopping of floors, windows wiping & cleaning, cleaning of cobwebs, cleaning & dusting of drawers and furniture, cleaning of bins and garbage removal, toilet and bathroom cleaning & sanitizing kitchen cleaning, wiping & disinfection of lift buttons, receivers of phones and other common-touch surfaces, outdoor cleaning, cleaning & polishing of mailboxes, disinfection of floors & surfaces, and sanitizing. These services are usually covered in the basic strata cleaning package. However, if a client needs a specific cleaning service, he/she can request the same.

In the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, Office Cleaning Commercial Cleaning Sydney has started providing disinfection services to offices and strata buildings.

Owners of start properties in Sydney looking for efficient strata cleaning services on a budget can contact Office Cleaning Commercial Cleaning Sydney’s sales team for a free quote.


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