Office Cleaning Commercial Cleaning Sydney Announces its Next Level Office Cleaning Services

Businesses & office managers in Sydney looking for a reliable office cleaning partner can now get one-stop commercial cleaning services with Office Cleaning Commercial Cleaning Sydney, which is a Sydney-based full-service office cleaning company. With commercial cleaning experience of more than 20 years, the company provides services to a variety of commercial premises such as offices, gyms, healthcare centres, schools, childcare centres, malls, etc. throughout the city.

“We are excited to introduce our next-gen office cleaning service, which involves the use of cutting-edge cleaning tools & technologies by our top-class team of especially selected & trained office cleaners. We leave no stone unturned to meet our clients’ cleaning requirements in their budget,” says a company spokesperson.

Office Cleaning Commercial Cleaning

The company has recently announced the launch of its next-level office cleaning services, which will comprise a bunch of advanced cleaning solutions aimed specifically to meet the advanced cleaning & disinfection needs of its business customers in Sydney and nearby suburbs. The service covers basic office cleaning, followed by deep cleaning and complete disinfection, particularly aimed at making the office premises safe for employees and visitors.

Office Cleaning Commercial Cleaning Sydney is one of the fastest-growing commercial cleaning companies in Australia in terms of the number of clients and high user satisfaction rate. It has also been rated as the best cleaning company for its innovative and constantly improving range of cleaning solutions. Last year, it became one of the first cleaning companies in Sydney to adopt the latest Electrostatic Disinfection Technology for removing all kinds of viruses & germs, including the COVID-19 virus, from surfaces.

When the pandemic hit the world, local businesses were the most affected, as they were facing the biggest challenge of keeping their premises open while ensuring the safety of their workers and customers. Office Cleaning Commercial Cleaning Sydney as a leading cleaning company in Sydney providing routine cleaning services to hundreds of business premises throughout the city was facing the same challenge. “We had to find a definite solution to the problem, and thankfully, it came to us in the form of the Electrostatic disinfection technology.”

Now, the company provides advanced cleaning & disinfection services through an upgraded team of COVID trained cleaners to local businesses all over Sydney and surrounding areas.

Their cleaners have access to the best-in-class cleaning tools & resources along with the most advanced cleaning technologies available in the market, which helps them consistently deliver great cleaning results on time. They use many advanced cleaning tools, including the i-mop scrubber for flexible cleaning & mopping of surfaces as well as unapproachable areas & corners, microfiber cloths, vacuum pressure cleaners, and electrostatic disinfection spray.

Each of the cleaner teams is managed by a dedicated branch supervisor, who is responsible to manage and oversee the work of cleaners as well as to ensure all tasks are completed on time and safely and meet the clients’ expectations.

The next-gen office cleaning services offered by Office Cleaning Commercial Cleaning Sydney at affordable rates, the basic cleaning of office premises, followed by in-depth cleaning, washing and disinfection. Their disinfection process is standard, which involves the use of an electrostatic spray machine along with the Zoono-71 Surface Sanitiser to protect the infected surfaces. The charged particles of the sanitiser solution when thrown on the surface quickly spread throughout the area, covering all the corners.

This disinfection technique is said to be effective in removing up to 99.99% of germs & viruses, including the COVID-19 virus, and provides up to 30 days of protection.

“We are now offering electrostatic disinfection as standard with all our office cleaning packages, for a nominal fee. This service takes care of all your office disinfection needs and can keep your premises properly sanitized and safe.”

Besides office cleaning, the company also offers a complete range of other commercial cleaning services to all types of business properties around Sydney. Their services include industrial cleaning, medical cleaning, carpet cleaning, after builders cleaning, warehouse cleaning, parking lot cleaning, childcare cleaning, gym cleaning, strata cleaning, window cleaning, church cleaning, school cleaning, and NDIS cleaning. Their next-level office cleaning services are set to roll out to all suburbs of Sydney by the end of the month.

Office owners & managers in Sydney looking for fresh and safe, next-gen office cleaning solutions and services can call Office Cleaning Commercial Cleaning Sydney at 1300869775 to request a free quote.


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