Oceanside Tree Service Experts Handles Landscape Cleanup After a Large Tree Removal Project

Oceanside, California – After spending the last one week helping a homeowner rid his landscape of invasive trees, Oceanside Tree Service Experts spent the whole of yesterday on cleanup. The company collected the logs, branches, tree stumps, leaves, and sawdust. The goal of the cleanup procedure was to not only eliminate hazards but to also improve the landscape’s appearance and prepare the land for new trees.

“For years,” said Jimmy Kimble, the property owner whose invasive trees were removed, “I wondered why my floor kept cracking. Last week but one, however, when I was exploring my landscape, I discovered tree shoots all over my landscape. This is when I realized that the trees on my landscape are invasive – their roots were spreading under the ground and pushing shoots everywhere. The shoots were the reason my concrete floor and driveway kept cracking despite numerous repairs.”

To eliminate the problem for good, Jimmy Kimble decided to hire Oceanside Tree Service Experts for a tree removal procedure. The homeowner reportedly hired the company because of the impressive reputation it had managed to create for itself in Oceanside and neighborhoods like Calavera Hills, Olde Carlsbad, Tamarack Point, San Luis Rey, and Tri-City.

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“When the company sent a team of qualified professionals to perform an estimate,” said Jimmy, “I could not believe my eyes when I saw the quotation. I thought they did not understand the scope of the work and had, therefore, charged me less than they needed to. However, I later realized that the company is very affordable and tries to charge low costs for its professional tree services in Oceanside.”

The project involved removing 30 trees from Jimmy Kimble’s landscape. According to the company’s chief of field operations, the tree removal was easy enough. However, the stump removal was a different story – it was much more complicated since the team had to kill every root to keep the shoots from appearing on Kimble’s landscape in the future.

“Using our power cutting tools,” said the chief of field operations, “we were able to drop at least 10 trees per day. We were done with the tree removal in the first 3 days. What remained was the stump removal. Pulling the stumps out required more attention since we had to follow each root for some distance to kill it completely.”

The Oceanside Tree Service Experts CEO noted that complete stump removal was not just necessary to keep the shoots from showing up again. It was also an important step to prepare the landscape for new trees. Jimmy Kimble wanted the new, non-invasive trees to go in the same spots the invasive trees had stood.

“Our passionate team completed the stump removal on Friday,” said the Oceanside Tree Service Experts CEO. “The team decided to rest over the weekend. On Monday – which was yesterday – the team went back to the customer’s landscape to collect the waste generated by the tree removal procedure.”

Using the company’s crane, the Oceanside tree removal team managed to lift off the full trees and put them in the truck. The trees, leaves, and sawdust ended up in the city’s dumpsite.

“I have worked with several tree care companies in the past,” said Jimmy Kimble. “A good number of these companies promise to come back and help with cleanup, only to disappear forever. This often forces me to deal with the waste generated by procedures like tree trimming, tree pruning, and even tree removal. Oceanside Tree Service Experts looks like a company that is very good at keeping its word. I am thinking this is the company I will be using for all my future tree care procedures in Oceanside.”

Oceanside Tree Service Experts office is located at 2002 Oceanside Blvd, Oceanside, CA 92054, United States. Homeowners, however, can communicate with the company via +1 442-280-7575 and sales@Northsdtreeservice.com.


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