Oakland County Criminal Defense Attorney Paul J. Tafelski Explains the Local Advantage of Having 48th District Court Attorneys

Oakland County criminal defense attorney Paul J. Tafelski releases a new article (https://www.michigandefenselaw.com/48th-district-court-attorneys-for-the-local-advantage.html) explaining the local advantage of having a 48th district court attorney. The lawyer mentions that the 48th district court deals with both criminal and civil matters in Oakland County. The court serves several municipalities in the Bloomfield Hills area. These include the cities of Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills, and Sylvan Lake.

“The Court hears matters such as parking and traffic infractions and misdemeanors. It also has jurisdiction over felony cases in regards to determining the probable cause; civil cases, for which the amount in question is $25,000 or less, landlord-tenant cases, and small claims matters. It has three judges, and three magistrates, and handles thousands of cases each year,” says the Oakland County criminal defense attorney.

Oakland County criminal defense attorney

The lawyer explains that there is a high caseload in the 48th District Court. The judges in the 48th District Court have a reputation for handing down severe sentences. Bond amounts tend to be high, and have a lot of conditions attached to them. This is why it is important for someone who is facing a charge in the area to seek the help of an experienced legal professional.

Attorney Paul J. Tafelski adds that having a local attorney has a distinct advantage. It is important for a skilled lawyer to be familiar with the local criminal justice system. While everyone must obey the laws, it may also be helpful to be on good terms with the other people involved with the case, including court clerks, prosecutors, and judges.

In the article, the lawyer says that the first meeting with a lawyer is significant. As much as possible, it is essential to give the lawyer all the possible information early in the process. This is why it is a good idea that the defendant is prepared for the consultation.

According to the criminal attorney, “Be sure to bring copies of all of the paperwork relating to your case. These may include documents that describe the charges, upcoming court dates, bail papers, supporting affidavits, receipts for property taken by the police, witness contact information, etc. If you have a previous conviction, information on your prior case may be helpful.”

Lastly, the lawyer emphasizes the importance of having a skilled local attorney when facing any charges. An experienced lawyer may be able to help the defendant understand their rights and protect their freedom.

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