Oak Island Heating And Air Conditioning is Pleased to Announce They Now Have an New HVAC Informational Series on YouTube

Oak Island AC is happy to announce that they have just started a new informational YouTube video series. The name of this recently added video series is called "Cris Young - On the Air". It’s a video series that answers common questions that many people have about AC repairs and replacements. The host of the new series, Cris Young, is also the company co-owner.

Les Young, the other company owner, says, “Cris and I have always strived to make Oak Island AC one of the most customer-oriented businesses in the area. That includes paying close attention to the many questions and concerns that our customers have. It’s also the reason behind us creating our new YouTube video series that does a nice job of answering many of these same questions and concerns that our customers have regarding AC installation and repair. Having Cris host the new video series also adds a fun element to it because of his naturally outgoing personality.”

The company owner stated that they already have several videos in the series posted to YouTube. He says that each video generally ranges from being 1 to 2 minutes in length. That was intentionally done so their customers could get right to the specific AC questions and concerns that they needed to be answered. Young says that some of the questions and concerns that are addressed by the videos include ‘When should I turn on my Air Conditioner if I know it's going to be a hot day?’, ‘When should I think about replacing my comfort system? Should I wait until it breaks?’, ‘What's the difference between an old and a new Air Conditioning unit?’, and ‘When should I change the filter in my Air Conditioner? Which filter is best?’. He says that so far, the response from their customers has been very favorable and that they will continue to add to the series as much as possible on a monthly basis. Some of these Oak Island AC YouTube videos even offer tips on how people can save money by properly using their HVAC systems and there are ones that go over the basics of some DIY heating and air installation services.

Young went on to say that Oak Island Heating and Air Conditioning is a Family-Owned & Operated business that was established in Escondido, California back in 1998. They boast having a staff with over 70 years’ experience in the industry. Les himself first immersed himself in the heating and air profession all the way back in 1984. They serve the heating and air conditioning needs of those in Escondido, Oak Island, and all of North San Diego County. He says they pride themselves on doing quality AC maintenance and repair work because they know how important air conditioning is to the comfort of those who work and reside in the normally hot and humid San Diego area. The owner added that they can handle every aspect of any customer's HVAC projects from helping them decide if they need new equipment, to financing their project so they do not have to put off getting their important HVAC work done.


This company also comes very highly recommended by those that have experienced Oak Island AC’s services for themselves. Bix Jordan states, “What a great experience working with this company. This is the third time we had used them and it has always been positive. Robert was our installer and he did a great job. He was knowledgeable and went above and beyond what was asked of him. Thank you for that great experience. I would feel totally confident referring anyone to Oak Island.” Debhenke wrote, “What a great experience! Very professional crew and they did excellent work. We are so pleased with our new heating and air-conditioning system, and very satisfied with the price. We would highly recommend Oak Island and Gene to anyone.” These reviews were taken from the company’s Google Maps Listing where they have an impressive overall rating of 4.9 out of a possible 5-stars on the over 150 reviews that have been left on their services.


For more information about Oak Island AC, contact the company here:

Oak Island AC
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1250 Pacific Oaks Pl #103
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