NYC Movers Discuss how They Can Save Customers Time & Money and Make Their Move Easier & Problem-Free

5 Stars Movers is a company that is known for helping those in the greater New York City area with a variety of moving services. This includes these NYC movers doing everything from helping their customers switch apartments in the same building to moving them clear across the country or overseas. They are also a moving service that knows they can save their customers time, money, and many headaches when they need any type of moving service done for them. This is something they have been successfully doing for their customers in the Big Apple for many years now.

A representative for the company says, “Many people are under the impression that moving is easy and that’s why they should consider doing it themselves. Take it from a company that does nothing but professional moving services that moving is anything but easy. Such things as lack of experienced move planning, improper packing, poor time management, and non-experienced help can see any moving project quickly go south. This may not only lead to the loss of important valuables but can end up costing someone significantly more money than if they had reduced their moving headaches by having the job professionally done. That’s why we suggest that anyone in the New York City area that’s looking to make any type of move reach out to a professional moving service like us to see how we can help them and give them an estimate for the job.”

The company representative went on to discuss some of the common mistakes that DIY movers often make. The first of which are improper planning and time management. He says that people simply do not realize how much time it takes to run errands before the packing even begins to take place. This includes rounding up packing tape, newspapers, boxes, bubble wrap, and other moving supplies that professional movers such as them carry right in stock. DIY movers often do not pack possessions properly too which can result in damaged items whose loss can add up to thousands of dollars if this occurs to high-value items. Professional movers are not only experienced and proficient when it comes to packing, but they are also fully insured against losses. According to the company representative, packing is also a very time-consuming project that many DIY movers grossly underestimate how long it can take. When professional movers are in charge of a move there is also no need to find some strong friends to help with the move and having to spend money on such things as dolly rentals or other essential moving equipment. 5 Stars Movers ability to handle all types of moving tasks well is what makes them one of the top moving companies NYC. He went on to say that the peace of mind that a professional moving company like them brings to any moving job often justifies the expense of this service even before considering the other headaches that often go along with any type of move.

The many glowing reviews the company receives on their services also suggest they have it together when it comes to helping their customers with moving solutions. Joel Burns stated, “We had a difficult move involving crossing state lines and with multiple destinations. 5 Stars Movers New York was easy to work with on relatively short notice and in terms of getting the move set up and executed. The movers were friendly and professional and got our move accomplished without a hitch. I would use their services again and recommend them.” Devid Johan proclaimed, “Yeah, these movers are the bomb! Let me just tell you –some of those things I needed to move were enormous and I still don’t know how these guys managed to handle them. Kudos for their efforts!” These reviews were taken from this moving service’s Google Maps Business Listing where they are rated a very respectable 4.8 out of a possible 5-stars.

5 Stars Movers has long been used by those in the NYC area for such tasks as commercial moving, long-distance moves, international moves, piano & heavy object moving, local moves, and their expert storage and packing services. Those who are interested in knowing more about the different services these movers NYC offer can call them, shoot them an email, or fill out the free quote form that’s found on their website.


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